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Installation of water pipe with copper pipes</a>

One of the most important inventions of mankind is the water pipe, which makes life comfortable and carefree.

But its frequent use leads to the fact that it begins to rust, because of which it is necessary to replace it. This procedure is quite laborious.

In order to deal with this problem as rarely as possible, it is necessary to choose such water pipes that would not wear out and serve forever.

These are the qualities of copper pipes, the use of which will create a strong and durable water supply system.

Today, copper pipes are used extremely rarely. Installation or replacement of water pipes is done by anything, but not with the help of copper. Most often people explain their choice by the high price of one meter of copper pipes. At the same time, they do not take into account their longevity at all. For example, a water pipe, the production of which is carried out by means of metal-plastic, will last at best 10 years, and from copper in three to four times more.

Never use a plumbing to ground electrical appliances, as this is very dangerous. Do not be lazy to conduct a special wire from the body of the switchboard.

Advantages and disadvantages of copper water pipe

In addition to water supply, the copper pipeline is used in air conditioning, heating and gas supply systems.


- high level of resistance of copper to the influence of ultraviolet rays, temperature differences and corrosive formations-
- a relatively low cost of installation, which can be compared with plastic pipes-
- long service life.


- the need for using a soldering apparatus during installation-
- one-time construction. If you make a mistake during the installation, you can not fix it. The only thing that can be done is to cut off the defective piece, or to assemble the structure anew.

If you doubt your abilities, entrust the installation of a water pipe to specialists. So you can avoid problems when using it.

Ways of installation of a waterpipe from copper pipes

There are two methods of connecting copper pipes withFittings and other pipes. In the first case, a union nut and a split ring are put on the pipe, after which it is inserted into the fitting and twisted by means of a car key. The movements should be smooth and neat.

Copper is not subjected to deformation at high temperature, which distinguishes it markedly against the background of other materials used to install a water pipe in the apartment.

The second way is to solder the copper pipes. In this case, you can use a blowtorch or a low-temperature burner. Before operation, the pipes and fittings are cleaned of the oxide film. This is done using sandpaper or a steel brush. The prepared elements of the water pipe are applied with flux, after which the pipe is inserted into the fitting. The resulting connection must be heated by the burner and sealed. While the solder does not completely solidify, the connection must not be touched in any case.

With the independent installation of a water pipe from copper pipes, it is best to use the first method, since soldering requires certain skills.

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