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How to install windows from a hard drive


How to install windows from a hard drive</a>

Most modern computers are equipped with optical disc drives, and the installation of Windows operating systems from a CD does not cause difficulties even for an unprepared person.

However, there are cases when you need to install Windows from a hard disk on a computer that does not have an optical drive, for example, on a laptop.



You can install the operating system without the help of an optical drive from the internal or external (connected to the USB) hard disk.
When installing from an internal drive, this is doneEasiest in the presence of two or more hard drives. If the hard drive is one, then it should be divided into several partitions. In the absence of several main partitions, you must remove the hard drive from the computer and connect it to a computer with a working operating system. After that, make the necessary markup - select one main partition, format it (the preferred file system is FAT32, NTFS formatting is also acceptable, but this complicates the installation process), copy the operating system distribution files.


If there are several hard disks, then simply copy the operating system distribution to the root folder of any of the hard drives (in addition, to which the installation will then be performed).


After that, to start the installation process youYou will need a bootable DOS media that can be created in a Windows operating system environment when formatting floppy disks or flash media. To simplify the installation process, you can also copy any of the DOS-navigators (Norton Commander, DOS Navigator, Volkov Commander) to the media.


Boot from the bootable media. After running the DOS command line, go to the I386 folder of the Windows distribution and type winnt.exe or winnt32.exe, depending on the type of operating system.


This will start the process of installing the operating system. After passing through the first stage of the installation, switch the download to your hard disk with the system being installed.


Running from an external media is no different fromInstallation from the internal drive, but at the same time you can install Windows from the hard disk without resorting to additional boot devices, but by making the hard disk bootable and booted from it.


To do this, connect an external hard drive to theComputer and use to prepare the hard disk for one of the many programs intended for this? PE-to-USB, WinSetupFromUSB or the like. After that, the installation from an external hard disk will not be different from the installation from a standard CD.

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