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How to install windows 7 from the disk

How to install windows 7 from the disk

Operating system installation process is simple.

In most cases, it is fully automated and only requires the user to following the instructions on the computer screen.

Install Windows 7 from the disc is also simple and can be implemented fairly quickly.

BIOS Settings

Turn off your computer and run it again. During the boot process, press Delete key, F2, F10 or another (depending on the type of motherboard). As a result, you get into the BIOS settings of the computer. Go to Boot and select Boot Device Priority. Here is a list that determines the order of the boot. Line 1st Boot Device, select the CDROM device, so you indicate that in the first place the computer should attempt to boot from a CD or DVD disc. When finished with the settings, press F10 to save changes and confirm by pressing the Ok button. Wait until the computer restarts.


Insert the Windows 7 operating system drive and againRestart the computer. On the installation Install Windows Operating System window appears. Select the language (Language to install), time and currency format (Time and currency format) and the input method to the keyboard (Keyboard or input method). Click the Next button.

Choosing the type of operating system

Select the type of operating system youYou want to install. It depends on your computer architecture (x86 or x64). This step is not always present when you install, its existence depends on the build of Windows 7 installation disc.

Terms and method of installation

On the Please read the license terms, you canread the terms of use operating system Windows 7. After reading them, tick I accept license terms and then click Next. Next you need to choose how to install the system. Item Upgrade provides upgrade an existing operating system to a newer version. The second point - Custom (advanced) for installation on the computer of the new system. Select second item. Please note that it is recommended to make a backup of all existing data on the hard drive before installing the new operating system.

The installation process

Select the hard disk partition on which youYou want to install the operating system, and then click Next. Next, start the automatic installation process of the system, during which the computer can be rebooted several times. On the main part of the system installation is finished.

Additional settings

After the operating system installation, youIt will be asked to carry out additional settings: user credentials and passwords to them, the key to activate the license system set up, the way the system of protection, time and time zone, the type of network used by the computer, etc. All these settings are made in series, following the simple instructions on the computer screen.

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