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How to install usb

How to install usb-controller

To install a new usb-controller in your system much effort would be required. From you only need accurate and careful adherence to the instructions that you see on your screen.

In addition, before buying additionalusb-controller, make sure to start, whether it is necessary to you, because, as 21st century and in the number of modern computers usb-inputs is more than enough (4-6 on average), but if your PC belongs to the Stone Age, or any other reasons you need it, then in this article you will learn how to install usb-controller.



So, first open the box with the purchased,the nearest computer store device and the system unit side wall, making sure in advance that the computer is turned off. Now you should be in the hands of PCI-USB-controller, which must be carefully inserted into any free PCI-slot on the motherboard. Once done with this - close the side wall and turn on the computer.


Mechanical work is completed, the only remaininginstall the drivers and the trick is done. As soon as you log into Windows, New Hardware Wizard will start its work, as a result of determining the presence of the new device. Follow the instructions on the screen. If the necessary drivers are not found in the system, then insert the disc into the drive with onymi that must be packaged with the controller. Complete the driver installation.

How to install usb-controller


Now for reliability can check whether allYou did the right thing, to do this, go to the Device Manager, then in the "Universal Serial Bus", you will see two new sites: Host Controller and Root Hub. If so, it is now possible to actively use the brand new usb-controller, inserting into the entrance usb: flash, photo camera, and other peripherals.


How do you have time to make sure - everything is simple and affordable. A usb 2.0 controller cards allow you to transfer data at a speed of 480 Mbit / s, which is very mobile.

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