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How to install usb


How to install a usb controller</a>

To install a new usb-controller in your system, no effort is required. From you, you only need to carefully and carefully follow the directions that you see on your screen.

In addition, before buying an additionalUsb controller, first check if you need it, because, as in the 21st century yard and in modern computers, the number of usb-inputs is more than enough (4-6 on average), but if your PC belongs to the Stone Age, or What other reasons you need it, then from this article you will learn how to properly install the usb controller.



So, first of all open the box with the bought,In the nearest computer store device, as well as the sidewall of the system unit, making sure beforehand that the computer is turned off. Now you must have a PCI-USB-controller in your hands, which you need to gently insert into any free PCI slot on the motherboard. Once you're done with this - close the side panel and turn on the computer.


Mechanical work is completed, onlyInstall the drivers and the case in the hat. As soon as you enter Windows, the new hardware wizard will start working, eventually determining the presence of a new device. Follow the instructions on the screen. If the necessary drivers are not found in the system, insert a drive with these into the drive, which should be included with the controller. Complete the driver installation.

How to install a usb controller


Now for veracity, you can check whether allYou did it right, go to the device manager, then in the "Universal Serial Bus" section, two new objects will appear: Host controller and Root splitter. If this is the case, then now you can actively use the new usb controller by inserting into the usb input: flash drives, camera photos, and other peripherals.


As you have seen, everything is simple and accessible. And modern controllers usb 2.0 allow transferring information at a speed of 480 Mb / s, which is very mobile.

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