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How to install the disk brakes on the WHA


How to install the disk brakes on the WHA</a>

Conservatism of the Russian car industry, persistentlyInstalling on the car rear disc brakes, is not approved by many motorists who want to own a car that has all the brake mechanisms would be disc.

You will need

  • - complete set for the conversion of brakes,
  • - A set of metalwork tools.



During the movement along the roads, it is often possible to observe a picture when, at the moment of emergency braking, our front wheels break off into the vehicle, and the rear wheels do not start to brake.


The above example demonstrates most clearlyInefficiency of the brake system, which are at least partially equipped with drum-type brake mechanisms. In the first place, any motorist has always had, and still remains - safety while driving. And these parameters depend mainly on the reliability of the steering system and the efficiency of the brakes.


Options for tuning the brake system existsGreat variety. It is enough to visit thematic forums on the Internet and there are a lot of solutions to modernize the brakes. Starting with the exotic re-equipment of this system with imported equipment, and ending with the replacement of installed parts with parts of domestic production.


By the way, in favor of the last decision,Most of the professionals of brake tuning. They strongly recommend that the brake system be retrofitted using Russian-made kits, because this tuning is performed without any complicated technical changes to the vehicle's design.


During the modernization of the brakes, the front mechanismsWithout complications are replaced by disks of the increased diameter, and back, drum type - are dismantled, and in exchange they are established disk mechanisms. In addition, such a reconstruction eliminates the alteration of the hydraulic drive of the brakes and the parking brake Brakes, Which is a very significant argument in favor of this choice of solutions for tuning the braking system.


In conclusion, it is necessary to recall, if you are lucky andGet a certified kit for installing disc brake mechanisms, it will save the owner from unnecessary explanations with traffic inspectors.

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