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How to install the WHA disc brakes

How to install the WHA disc brakes

The conservatism of the Russian car industry, hardsetting cars rear disc brakes, it does not find approval among many motorists who want to have a machine in which all the brake mechanisms have been disc.

You will need

  • - Brake conversion kit,
  • - A set of bench tools.



During on-road travel often can be seen now, when at the time of emergency braking at the front wheels of our car break down on the skid, and the rear has not yet started to slow down.


This example demonstrates most clearlyineffectiveness of brake systems, which at least partly equipped with brakes drum. In the first place in any motorist always been, and remains to this day - the safety while driving. And, these parameters depend basically on the reliability of the steering system and brake efficiency.


Options for tuning the brake system existsbig set. It is enough to visit the thematic forums on the internet and on the modernization of the brakes there are so many decisions. Since this system re exotic imported equipment, and finishing with the replacement parts specified in the spare parts produced domestically.


By the way, in favor of the latter decision speaksmost professionals brake tuning. They are strongly advised to carry out conversion of braking systems using kits produced in Russia, because the tuning is performed without any complex technical design of the car changes.


During the modernization of the front brake mechanismsuncomplicated replaced by larger diameter wheels and rear, drum - disassembled, and in return for their installed disk mechanisms. In addition, such a reconstruction eliminates rework hydraulic brakes and parking brakesThat is a very important argument in favor of the choice of solutions on tuning the braking system.


In conclusion, it should be recalled, and if you're luckyget set to purchase a certified installation of disk brake mechanisms, it will relieve the owner from unnecessary explanations with traffic inspectors.

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