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How to mount a water pipe


How to mount a water pipe</a>

By undertaking repairs in the bathroom, you will inevitably encounter the problem of replacing the water pipe.

You call all the firms, find out the prices and ... ponder. And what if you take it yourself, and do it?

For self-installation can be advised quite simple in the assembly, but from this no less reliable water pipe made of metal-plastic pipes.

You will need

  • - pipe-
  • - fittings-
  • - cranes-
  • - keys-
  • - scissors for pipes-
  • - Roller-
  • - Roulette-
  • - Fum-tape-
  • - Mounting clips.



Design and draw a diagram of your future Plumbing. Include in it all the components: filters, cranes, tees, corners, mixers, counters (if you intend to install them). Also take into account the washing machine and dishwasher.


Armed with tape measure and measure the exact distance to each of the elements of your circuit. Record all measurement results.


Visit the plumbing shop and get everything you need by checking the diagram. Buy pipes and fittings from the same manufacturer. There you can buy the missing tools.


Close the cold and hot water in the apartment. Begin dismantling the old Plumbing (If there is one). In any order convenient for you, disconnect all plumbing and disassemble the pipeline.


Check the taps at the entrance to the apartment. If there is even a shadow of doubt in their reliability, feel free to change. To do this, you will need to turn off the water in the basement of your house. Contact the appropriate service.


Cut the pipe into pieces of the correct length usingSpecial scissors. How many of them will work depends on the configuration of your circuit. Now flare all the pieces of pipe from both ends with a special tool - a roller. This is necessary in order to put the pipe on the fitting.


Screw the filter to the inlet tap for roughPurification of water, using for taping the connection of a ribbon or a special sanitary thread. Fum-tape reel tight and in sufficient quantities. You can practice beforehand.


Disassemble the correct fitting. Take the first (according to the scheme) piece of pipe. Put a fitting nut and a ring on the pipe that was inside. Insert the fitting into the pipe and carefully tighten the nut. Next, wind the fum-tape on the thread of the fitting and screw it into the filter. Carefully tighten the keys (hold the filter with one key, and tighten the fitting with the other).


Repeat the above procedure with eachConnection. Follow the pattern ahead. Do as you like: finish first with cold water, and then proceed to hot or lead in parallel two branches.

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