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How to install ladders for home

How to install ladders for home

With self-construction of the house one of the most important tasks is the correct choice and installation of staircases.

From the design of stairs it depends not only on their reliability and durability, but also on the level of construction costs.

You will need

  • - pilomaterial-
  • - A saw, plane, hammer, carpenter uroven-
  • - Nails and screws.



The main parameters of the ladder should be calculatedat the stage of designing the house. Quite often it used the wrong approach - for a ladder just left the place, and its specific dimensions defined when it comes to the construction of staircases. Then it turns out that the dimensions are selected correctly - the ladder is too steep or too shallow, the size of the steps is very inconvenient, platforms before the stairs and after it is too small.


To go up to another floor or down toIt was convenient, even necessary during the design house precisely find the dimensions of the future staircase: its height, width, the dimensions of stairs and platforms. Calculating all to the nearest centimeter, given the height between floors, floor thickness, floors, etc. Wrong size of steps lead to the fact that the use of a ladder is uncomfortable, increase the risk of injury.


Determine what material will be madeflight of stairs. As a rule, in private homes are usually used wooden stairs. As a base substrate taken two strong beams, usually they are ordered according to specific dimensions. The thickness of the beam must not be less than 5 cm, the width is selected within 20-25 centimeters. If the beam width is no need, it can be composed of two - for example, to use a beam size of 5 to 10 cm on each side by two segments will take the necessary length. Their carefully vystrugivayut and form pairs. Finally obtained two girders and a thickness of 5 to 20 cm in width.


Try on and adjust the beam in place, notfixing them permanently. Making sure that they are exactly in place, using a carpenter's level meter and mark the position of the stairs and supports under them. As supports, use wooden blocks section 5 by 5 cm. Each must be secured in at least three places, and the best four. The support bars are easier to mount by removing the beams and put them on the floor.


Beams with nailed or screwed screwssupport bars fix in place. Always make sure that they are securely fastened and will not break off under the weight of several people. Then install steps, screwing them with screws to the supporting bars. At least mount the railings.


To make better use of the spiral staircase weldedor forged metal frame. So how to make their own beautiful spiral staircase is difficult, the right thing would be to order it in the shop, exactly calibrated sizes. The main advantage of the spiral staircase - its compactness. However, in terms of convenience, better to choose a ladder with straight span.

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