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How to install the sink invoice

How to install the sink invoice

To install the sink is not necessarilyrecourse to the master, as any normal man will easily cope with this by using a standard set of tools, which is in every house. The only exception - you'll need a jigsaw.

You can certainly do without it, but it's better with him.

You will need

  • For the installation of shear washer you will need the following tools:
  • 1. Sealant
  • 2. Safety glasses
  • 3. Jigsaw
  • 4. Drill or screwdriver
  • 5. Screwdriver
  • 6. Pliers
  • 7. Adjustable Wrench



First of all, read up to the end of these instructions and spend three minutes that would scroll in my head the whole sequence of the actions.


flip wash and attach it to the table top in place of the futureinstallation and pencil circle it on the edge. Remember that not all the pencil will leave its mark on the glossy surface of the plastic. Therefore, this invention can borrow the best minds of mankind beautician wife.


Remove the wash from tabletops and set it aside. By drawing a line back down half a centimeter deep into the loop and draw a line of future cuts. The line must be clear and contrasting.


Next, take the drill and drill to 10 mm drillopening for the leaf jigsaw. You can make a few holes in the different locations of the cut line, but it makes sense only if you are on the cutting line will rotate 90 degrees, if there are none, and his wife for you at this moment is watching, - sufficient one.


Once again, look carefully for the future by opening wash. It is tempting to place wash as close to the edge of the table top, but in thisthe case of the remaining material can not withstand your further manipulation. Do not listen to his wife, to be prudent and set aside away from the edge of the countertop to the edge of the hole under the wash at least 5 cm.


Take the jigsaw and cut out on marked loop hole for wash. Remember that the clipping of the countertop atThis must also something to build, or at the approach to the starting point of the cut under its own weight cut part may warp and jam the jigsaw blade.


If you have a countertop made of plastic, then slightlywalk sandpaper on the surface of the cut, if countertop MDF - pay more attention to this, and a good large sandpaper sand the surface. Before ideal smoothness is not necessary to bring the surface, but all the speakers small splinter sure you want to delete.


Remember that if after sealing the splinterwill act on the sealant surface, then over time they become microscopic channels through which fiberboard starts to absorb water. Even in ancient Egypt for the pyramids of granite pieces chipped by a swelling of wooden wedges.


Carefully smooth the surface of the cut, put on it a sufficient amount of sealant, allow it to dry.


That is now all set wash in the hole, it does not forget about the special sealing gasket, if it comes, if it does not - seal the sealant.


Secure wash special devices in the form of a boltthread attached to the bottom of the sink on the perimeter. Set the mixer. All! Return the tabletop on her regular place and connect the pipe to the mixer cold and hot water. Install a siphon, check and go to the wife of gratitude.

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