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How to install a power supply

How to install a power supply</a>

The power supply is one of the main components of the computer and workstation. The power supply unit reduces the current and voltage of the network to the required parameters.

It feeds all the devices of the system unit.

Over time, a replacement power supply is required: every month there are new products of peripheral devices that require more energy costs.

You will need

  • - Power Supply
  • - Phillips screwdriver ("+")



When replacing the power supply unit,Basic rules of electrical safety. Before replacing, you must disconnect the system unit by removing the power cord from the outlet. Then it is necessary to remove the side wall of the system unit. If the sidewall of the system unit is secured by means of snap-in fasteners, then it is necessary to open the latch and remove the side wall. Some manufacturers of system units fix the side walls with connecting screws. Take a screwdriver and untwist them.

How to install a power supply


Disconnect all power cords that haveCommunication with the motherboard, hard drives and CD / DVD-drives. Turn the system unit with the back side (back) to yourself. Hold the power supply with one hand, in the other hand you will have a screwdriver. Carefully remove all screws. To hold the power supply unit is necessary because of its possible fall on the components of the motherboard. Remove the power supply.

How to install a power supply


Installation of a new power supply is performed inReverse sequence above the described process. Take the power supply and put it back in its place. Screw the screws into the places where they were in the previous power supply. Reconnect all power cables in the same order. Close the side of the system unit. Plug the power cord of the system unit into a power outlet. Turn on the computer and check the operation of the new power supply.

How to install a power supply

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