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How to install plasma

How to install plasma</a>

Plasma and LCD TVs are becoming more popular.

Buyers are attracted by a slim design, enhanced features and improved image quality.

You will need

  • - Kit for wall mounting-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - Assistant.



Select the location to install the TV. It is important that there is an electrical outlet and a cable connector near it. In addition, low humidity and lack of direct sunlight are necessary. When installing the plasma, also take into account the viewing angle so that guests and family members can look at the screen from different places.


Install the TV. To do this, use the stand (supplied with the TV) or the wall-mounting kit (usually sold separately). To install the stand, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Most of them are easily attached to the bottom or back of the TV, and no tools are required. Place the TV on the desk, desk or shelf.


You can also attach the TV to the wall. The kits for wall mounting are supplied with the necessary screws and fastening. Place the mount on the wall, mark with a pencil the holes for the holes. Drill holes at each marked location using the drill size recommended in the kit's installation instructions. Then attach the mount to the wall and insert the bolts into the drilled holes. Tighten them with a screwdriver.


Connect the cables of external devices to the TV,Adhering to color schemes and considering their types. For example, insert the audio / video cables into the corresponding A / V connectors on the TV. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI slot, and the coaxial cable to the coaxial port. Then connect the power of the TV and external devices, plug into the outlet.


Adjust the plasma TV. To do this, turn it on and select the "Menu" or "Setup" button. Review each option and customize it according to your preferences. Make sure that options such as brightness, contrast, color, image size, time, date and input source are adjusted.


Check that all devices connected to the TV are properly installed. In addition, make sure that all channels of cable TV, satellite dish or antenna are accessible.

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