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How to install the OSes

How to install the OSes

The first thing to do after youWe purchased a new computer or independently gathered his kit? is to install the OSes, to enjoy all the features and functions of the system.

To install OSes in the simplest way, you can use the installation CD.



Turn on the computer and at the beginning of loading, usually during the memory test, pressing the button? Del ?, enter the BIOS.


We are looking in the BIOS menu, responsible for the boot order. Most often, it is located on the? The Advanced tab? It called? Advanced BIOS Features ?. Next, look for the parameter? Boot Device Order ?. Depending on the BIOS manufacturer and version names of some menu items may be different. If such names as written above, your BIOS is not, find a different formulation, similar in meaning.


The parameter? First Boot Device? We put the CD-ROM. And exit from BIOS, saving the changes by the team? Save changes and exit ?. The computer will start to download again, this time insert the boot disk with OSes in the drive.


Booting from a disk, follow the instructions of the system. Select the hard disk and partition on which to install the OSes, file system type, and specify other settings as necessary. Then start up your files at this time, you can move away from the computer. Copying takes about half an hour to an hour. Upon its completion, should get the installation CD from the drive and allow the computer to boot from the hard drive.


After the first boot with the newOSes should be, first of all, install the drivers for all system devices: motherboards, video cards, RAID controllers and others. After installing the drivers most likely need to restart your computer. Then you can start to install the program to work: browsers for the Internet, office applications, media players and other required software.


All these operations will take a fairly longtime. Therefore, we can do otherwise, and save a few hours, if you install the OSes with finished assemblies directly with all drivers on the device and all necessary software. Such assemblies there are many, but the most well-known, stable in operation and proven? it is free from the build commands Zver and LEX?.

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