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How to install the OS in laptop

Calling the wizard to reinstall your operating system? quite expensive occupation.

Another thing is if you try to understand themselves in this system.

After all, when you can even re-install the system yourself, it will be a big plus.

In fact, it is not so difficult, and to put a new operating system can be in three easy steps.

You will need

  • Installation CD



First you need to purchase the installation diskoperating system. Then, insert the disc into the CD drive or WWII. Restarting the computer and immediately go into the BIOS (to get there, it is necessary to immediately after turning on the system unit to press the Delete key, it is advisable to repeat the pressing repeatedly. This will increase the opportunity to get the menu with the first load). In the BIOS, look for the tab? Advanced ?, then select the tab? Advanced BIOS Features ?. This will give the opportunity to change the operating parameters. Going into the above designated tab look for the line called? First Boot Device ?. Usually it is the first. Then, in the column on the right, select the item? CD-rom ?. Then press the F10 key will pop up a window with a question, click the button Y. The computer restarts again and begins automatic loading system. We will only need a little bit to adjust the setup process by selecting some of the proposed items.


Then we start setting the parameters. Set the language, time, time zone, and the like. Following the installation program will offer us some action, and demand that pressed the button? Next ?, or? Next ?. Click on the button until you see the blue-blue screen with text and report on the progress of the download. Then we'll just have to wait, as the system is installed at this point automatically. During installation, the system will require a reboot. If you are not around, she would do it herself, and then continue the installation.


After installation is complete and the nextrestart the program automatically configures the system. It explains what is the equipment itself and installs the required drivers. After adjusting the queue, restart the computer again, set the remaining programs, which are required for you, and the process is completed.

Installing the operating system on the laptop is no different from a standard installation on a desktop computer.

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