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How to install Japanese language support

How to install Japanese language support

Beginners learn the Japanese language and Japanese culture fans are often faced with the problem of displaying Japanese text on the site - instead of characters appear unreadable characters.

This means that your computer does not support is installed hieroglyphic writing and not have the required fonts.



Installing Japanese language produced by means of the operatingsystem. If you have Windows XP, there installation disc. Open the Windows Control Panel: Click "Start", select "Settings", "Control Panel". Select the option "Regional and Language Options." Open the tab "Languages" and select the check box "Install files for East Asian."


After the boot disk requestinsert the disc into the drive. Starts the installation procedure of hieroglyphic writing. When the installation is complete, in the "Regional and Language Options", click "Details". A window with the installed services for languages. Click "Add" and select the input language: Japanese and Japanese keyboard layout. Japanese set.


If you do not have a bootable system disk orIt is not the desired folder to install the Japanese writing (her name i386lang), use the official Microsoft website, download the desired package from there. By clicking "Install files for East Asian", enter the position of the desired folder on your hard disk. Since the release system can differ from each other, the system can not identify the desired files and require more time to insert the boot disk. In this case, locate the folder i386lang file called cplexe.ex_ and xjis.nl_ file located in the i386 folder. Files are automatically loaded.


To install the Support for East Asian inon Windows 7 just go to "Control Panel" - "Regional and Language Options" and go to the "Keyboard" tab. Click "Change keyboards", "Add" and tick «Microsoft IME». Save your changes.


After you install the Japanese language in the language bar will be an additional language, which can be switched in a conventional manner.

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