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How to install the hob


How to install the hob</a>

Repair in the kitchen came to an end, there areTo install the built-in home appliances. But if a microwave oven or a refrigerator is simply enough to be plugged in, the installation of the hob may require special knowledge and skills.

Probably, before installing this household appliance you will need to do some preparatory work.



In the working surface of the kitchen furniture neatlyDrill a hole in the dimensions of the hob. Haste is not needed here. Sawing should be preceded by careful marking of the installation site.


Set the cooking surface In the place intended for her. To ensure that it does not move, apply a thin layer of silicone sealant around its lower edge. In addition to fixing the hob, the sealant also does not allow moisture to fall under it, which is abundant in the kitchen.


Carefully read the connection instructionsDevice. Find in the wiring diagram the connection sequence and the color of the electrical wires, which means "zero", "plus" and "minus".


Remember to connect directly to the mainsThe hob wires can not be used. This is not recommended even if special clamping devices with terminals are used. Therefore, install one plug with three contacts on one end of the wire. Of course, to use it, you must first install an appropriate electrical outlet with contacts and grounding device to avoid electric shock.


If you do not have sufficient qualifications,Better charge the installation of the hob to professionals. When choosing an installer, make sure the competence of its masters and the availability of a permit and a license for this type of work.

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