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How to install the headset

How to install the headset

The headset allows you to talk on his cell phone without holding it in your hand. Both hands are free and can be, for example, typing dictation, or drive a car.

Headsets come in wired and wireless.



To connect a wired headset, firstmake sure that it fits to the dedicated connector on your phone. In the past, no standards for these connectors do not exist - each manufacturer applied its own. If you have a device that period, to find him a headset today is not so simple. From about 2009 on most mobile phones is set standard circular nest diameter of 3.5 mm. For headsets are available with a plug like a headphone player, but not three, and four contacts, because there is a headset microphone.


Once you plug in the headset, the phoneIt recognizes it automatically. Will wear headphones while talking, and speak into the microphone located on the cord. Sometimes there are also buttons that allow you to control some of the device's features. If you do not have a headset, and a modern mobile, connect the headphones with a standard 3.5-mm three-pronged plug. they do not contain a microphone. The device itself and not detect it will disable the microphone embedded in it. Saying it is necessary, wearing headphones and leaning over the phone, lying, for example, on the table.


The only setting that canrequired when using a wired headset - Volume control. Call any free number, set the desired volume (usually buttons on the right side of the phone) and complete the call. If you decide to turn your headset off, repeat the procedure by setting the volume when listening through a comfortable built-in speaker.


For wireless connection of Bluetooth-headsetfirst prepare it. Fully charge the battery. After that, disconnect the charger and put the device in pairing mode. To do this, press the hidden button on the headset. On your phone, sign in pairing mode with Bluetooth-enabled devices (way to enter it depends on mobile phone model). If such an item is not found on the menu, probably corresponding to the function in your device no.


Start scanning Bluetooth-enabled devices. Choose among them his headset. Enter the pairing code (typically 0000, and if it does not fit, find another code in the instructions for the headset). After a successful pairing, it is ready for use. Do not forget to recharge it in a timely manner.

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