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How to install the glass door closer

How to install the glass door closer

The automotive industry in our country is constantly being improved. All fewer vehicles produced with manual windows on the front doors.

For most power windows are put on at avtodveryah, and it has become the norm for more expensive vehicles.

Many motorists are concerned about automation of raising and lowering the glass mashiny.Sistema quite simple.

Buttons adjust the tension in the cell windows.

Power is supplied to the wires of two types: in one case, the glass will rise in the other - to fall.

This is the principle of windows.



First you need to cut all the wires from thecontacts at a distance of about 20 mm. Interconnected pieces of plug wires, solder the black wire cut. The second black wire connected to the terminal "body" on wheather.


Black and white wire from the harness to connect to the conclusion "+ 12V" door closer. Next, connect the outputs to the inputs of the engines and the closer control of the buttons.


Now the most important point. It is necessary to send a command signal from the remote control to shut off the glass when the vehicle is armed. Using a wire located in the driver's door, stykuya connection in which during removal of the car from the security alarm system will be a level signal, when mounted on the protection - the other.

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