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How to install games in cell phone

How to install games in cell phone

Modern cell phone - something universal and versatile.

It allows its owner to make calls, take pictures, go online and play computer games.

However, games installed on the phone by the manufacturer, quickly bored, and have a desire to be loaded into a mobile phone new toys that can diversify their leisure time.

You will need

  • - Cell phone that supports Java-based applications, that is, files with the extension .jad and .jar-
  • - Personal computer with Windows XP or Windows Vista- operating system
  • - USB-cable or Bluetooth, to be loaded in the telephone and the computer.



To begin, start the application that is suitable foryour mobile phone. This can be either a Java - application for simple phones or Symbian - designed for phones on the Symbian platform. This platform supports files with .sis and may occur, for example, in the Nokia smartphones. When launching the app, set your phone in both files (.jad and .jar), since no one of them could lead to the cancellation of the program starts.


Next, select the desired game and send filesto your phone. To do this, set the phone software in the PC and run it. For proper installation, use the enclosed instructions. When sending files, use an additional program, which is usually equipped with a telephone, representing a specific set of folders. In one of these folders, and it is necessary to drag the file.


Or send files via the USB-cable orvia Bluetooth. file transfer speed at the latter embodiment, slightly lower than the transmission on the cable, but do not need to hold the phone close to the computer continuously as Bluetooth operates within a radius of 10 to 100 meters. If the computer does not see the phone in the Bluetooth devices list, then make sure that the phone settings is checked:. "Visible to other devices"


Note that in the normal phone Java-based applicationInstallation does not require, as it automatically appears in the phone menu. The Symbian smartphone, open the message folder, namely the "Inbox", and then start the installation of the application, open the last message. After this operation, the application is installed.

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