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How to install games in a cell phone


How to install games in a cell phone</a>

A modern cell phone is a versatile and multifunctional thing.

It allows its owner to make calls, take photos, go online and play computer games.

However, games installed on the phone by the manufacturer are quickly annoying, and there is a desire to download new toys to the mobile phone that can diversify leisure hours.

You will need

  • - a cell phone that supports Java applications, that is, files with the extension .jad and .jar-
  • - a personal computer that has an operating system Windows XP or Windows Vista-
  • - USB cable or Bluetooth, which must be downloaded both to the phone and to the computer.



To get started, run the application that is suitable forYour mobile phone. It can be either a Java application for simple phones, or Symbian - designed for phones on the Symbian platform. This platform supports files with the extension .sis and can be found, for example, in Nokia smartphones. Running the application, install both files (.jad and .jar) in your phone, since the absence of one of them can lead to canceling the program start.


Next, select the game you want and send the filesTo the phone. To do this, install the phone software into the personal computer and start it. For correct installation, use the enclosed instruction. When sending files, use the additional program, which is usually completed with the phone, representing a certain set of folders. In one of these folders, you need to drag the file.


Send files via either a USB cable, orVia Bluetooth. The file transfer speed for the latter version is slightly lower than when transmitted over the cable, but you do not need to keep the phone constantly next to the computer, since Bluetooth operates within a radius of 10 to 100 meters. If the computer does not see the phone in the list of Bluetooth devices, then make sure that the phone settings are marked as "Visible for other devices".


Note that in a regular phone, the Java applicationInstallation does not require, as it automatically appears in the phone menu. In the Symbian smartphone, open the message folder, namely "Inbox", and run the installation of the application itself, opening the last message. After this operation, the application will be installed.

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