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How to install the game on Samsung mobile phone

How to install the game on Samsung mobile phone

Installing the game on the cell phone can be done in two ways: by a computer, and the phone itself through the interface.

In fact, to install the game on your phone is no big deal - absolutely everyone will be able to cope with this task.

You will need

  • Cell phone, computer, internet connection.



To begin, consider the option to install the game from the phonea. You need to connect to the mobile Internet, download the desired game, and then open the folder with the application. Next, you need to activate the game and wait for the installer to install it. All actions usually take no more than five minutes. In the event that you need to perform the installation of the game by using a computer, you will have to do some other way.


First of all you must install on your computer program that allows a PC to connect to the cellular interface phonea. This program is usually located on a disk that comes standard cell phonea. After you install the required software for it to work properly in the future you need to perform a restart of the operating system in the "Start" menu.


After the restart the OS to your computer, connect your cell phoneUsing as a USB-connector cord. Open the program that you installed before the system is rebooted. After she set up a connection with the phoneom, you can install the game.


Download the installation file to your computer games. Check for viruses. If the file is safe to run, copy it to the appropriate type of its destination folder on the phonee. Break the connection with a PC, and then perform the installation of the game, setting the appropriate command in the interface phoneand (start the downloaded installer).

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