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How to install the front metal door

How to install the front metal door

The desire to improve their homes there is not so rare. More often there is such a need.

If you decide to change the front door, it is not necessary to order yet and installation, which, by the way, is not cheap.

All you can do yourself.

You will need

  • - ruletka-
  • - uroven-
  • - Mounting tools-
  • - Drill or perforator-
  • - water-
  • - Foam.



The very first thing to do before buying a door - to measure the doorway. They usually have standard dimensions, but to clarify definitely will not be superfluous.


The beginning of the installation it is necessary to consider the preparation of a doorway. You must first remove the old Door. If you encounter difficulties, apply power and try to pull out the loop.


Now you have to remove the old door jamb. There are two ways. You can use a claw hammer and a sledgehammer - to clear it. But in this case there is a high probability of opening of damage. More time-consuming, but the method is accurate sawing jamb. Choosing a method and put it into practice, thoroughly clean the vacated opening of the waste formed during the work.


Then you can proceed to the installation itself. Extract Door, Release it from the mica and insert into the opening. Open at a right angle to secure a space for work. It is advisable to ask someone for help. The door must be secured well - it's a lot easier to do together.


Now Door you need to put on a level. Even if you feel that it is crooked with respect to the walls, do not attach any importance to this. Often the walls are different amazing roughness. Rely only on the fact that shows the level of, or later, you may experience problems with the door closed.


Then it is necessary to set aside, which will be hung Door. To do this, use a hammer or a drill, inDepending on your walls. You must select a power tool to drill holes in the wall corresponding to the holes in the box. The indentations wrap special anchor bolts. The main thing - do not drag them, otherwise it will knock your Door from the level. Screw the bolts on both sides, making sure in advance how much total will fit to the opening of the box.


It is necessary to lubricate the place where you handle foam water. Then strengthening will be more durable. here is Door and established. Now we have to wait until the foam dries to cut the excess with a knife.

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