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How to install an entrance metal door


How to install an entrance metal door</a>

The desire to improve their housing appears not so rare. More often there is such a need.

If you decide to change the front door, you do not need to order an installation, which, by the way, is not cheap.

You can do everything yourself.

You will need

  • - Roulette-
  • - level-
  • - mounting tools-
  • - a drill or punch-
  • - water-
  • - mounting foam.



The very first thing that should be done before buying a door is to measure the doorway. Usually they have standard sizes, but to specify precisely will not be superfluous.


The beginning of the installation must be considered preparation of the doorway. First you need to remove the old one Door. If there are any difficulties, use force and try to wrest the loops.


Now we need to remove the old door jamb. There are two ways. You can use a nail and a sledge hammer - knock it out. But in this case there is a high probability of damage to the opening itself. A more laborious, but neat method is the sawing of the joint. Having chosen the method and implemented it, carefully clean the vacant opening from the garbage formed during the work.


Then you can proceed to the installation itself. Unpack Door, Release it from the mica and insert into the opening. Open at a right angle to provide yourself with room for work. It will not be superfluous to ask someone for help. The door needs to be well fixed - it's much easier to do together.


Now Door You need to set the level. Even if it seems to you that it is crooked against the walls, do not attach any importance to it. Often the walls are remarkable for their unevenness. Lean only on what the level indicates, otherwise there may be problems with closing the door later.


Next, we need to establish the side to be hung on Door. To do this, use a perforator or drill,Depending on the type of your walls. The selected power tools need to drill holes in the wall, corresponding to the holes in the box. Wrap special anchor bolts in the formed grooves. The main thing is not to overtake them, otherwise it will ruin your Door From the level. Screw the bolts from both sides, checking in advance how completely the carton will fit into the opening.


It is necessary to lubricate the places where you will treat with foam, water. Then the strengthening will be more lasting. Here is the Door And installed. Now it remains to wait until the foam dries to cut off the excess with a knife.

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