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How to install the front door with your hands

How to install the front door with your hands

In addition to practical use as a door and bring aesthetic pleasure, as a beautiful decoration element.

But this is possible only in a qualitative door installation boxes.

Works on installation of the doors are quite simple, but requires accuracy and precision calculations.

You will need

  • - ruletka-
  • - Meter uroven-
  • - Drill with switching to percussion mode-
  • - Pobeditovye sverla-
  • - Long screws for tsementa-
  • - Spacer dyubeli-
  • - The wedges, wooden
  • - paper tape-
  • - Assembly pena-
  • - Finishing nails.



First you need to assemble a door box. Collect a box so you need to stay in the doorway below 1 centimeter gap. Dimensions of the box should also create a gap of 4-5 mm between the box and the door. Joining parts box is better on the screws without dowels.


Insert the box into the opening doors, controllingposition by level. Pay special attention to the side where you plan to install the hinges. Level check the evenness of the installation both vertically and horizontally. With wedges lock box in the opening, starting from the top.


Next, you need to drill into the side beams onthree holes, going to drill the wall. By removing the box from opening, locate the marks left by the drill bit. By switching to percussion drill mode, drill long holes at the marked points. The resulting holes, insert the dowels. Put the box into place and fit the holes in the dowels. Fix the box in place with long screws.


To install the hinge mark on the door leaf20 cm below and above .. attaching a loop, designate the position of the element. Noting the location of loops in the box, keep in mind the need for a clearance of 5 mm between the box and the door. With a chisel or a cutter to select box deepening of equal thickness hinge. at the door, set the door lock at a height of about 100 cm from the floor.


After the door hinge on the loop, you mustcheck closing density. Pasted on the perimeter of the door box with paper tape, fill the gaps between the casing and the wall mounting foam. One day, when the foam hardens, its remnants can be cut in the usual knife.


The last stage set trims. They will give a finished look the doors and hide them all seams and gaps. Fix the trim to the usual finishing nails without hats.

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