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How to install a crane


How to install a crane</a>

Sometimes it becomes necessary to replace the mixer in the kitchen? In case the old one becomes unusable, or you just want to update the plumbing equipment.

The easiest way to buy a good mixer andHouse of professional plumbing, however, it is easy to install the faucet, and if you have the right tools, you can install the kitchen faucet yourself.



Take a gas wrench, a set of screwdrivers, a sealant, a special sanitary tape or a towbar, and of course, the tap itself. Turn the valve and close the water.


Open the existing tap and drain the remaining water in the pipe. With a gas or a wrench, unscrew the thread of the old valve from the pipe, loosening the fixture.


Rotate the key, fixed around the pipe, to theClockwise to remove the fixing nut. Drip a special machine oil on it to make the nut easier. With one key, fix the nut, and the second unscrew the pipe coupling. Remove the unscrewed tap from the pipe and disconnect the water supply hoses.


Replace the valves following the direction of the water flow,Indicated on the valves. Before installing the faucet, place a special gasket on the shelf of the sink, which will be under a twisted tap. Put the tap on the sink and tighten the nut, tightening it as hard as possible.


Connect the tap to the pipes and valves using flexible hoses and seal the connection points with a sanitary tape or a stick. Lubricate the sealant and tighten all connections.


At the connection of the faucet with the pipes, circular sanitary napkins should be located to prevent the flow of water.


Unscrew the valves and try to open the tap? Check if the water leaks and tightly tighten all connections. From now on, you can install a water tap in the kitchen.

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