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How to install the faucet

How to install the faucet

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the kitchen faucet? when old becomes unfit for use, or if you just want to upgrade plumbing fixtures.

The easiest way to buy a good blender and call onhouse plumbing professional, but to set the tap is quite simple, and if you have the right tools, you can install a kitchen faucet yourself.



Take a pipe wrench, screwdriver set, sealant, special plumbing tape or tow, and of course, the crane itself. Turn the valve and turn off the water.


Open an existing faucet and drain any remaining water in the pipe. Gas or adjustable wrench, unscrew the threaded pipe from the old crane, relax mount.


Turn-key, fixed around the pipe byclockwise to remove the retaining nut. Drip on her special machine oil to the nut was easier. One key lock nut and unscrew the second coupling pipe. Remove the tube unscrewed the tap and disconnect the water supply hose.


Replace valves, following the direction of the water current,indicated on the valves. Before installing the valve, put on the shelf a special cleaning pad, which will be under the twisted crane. Slide the faucet on the sink and tighten the nut, tightening it as much as possible.


Connect the valve to the pipes and valves with flexible hose and seal the junction tape or plumbing hemp. Apply sealant and tighten all connections.


In conjunction with the tap pipe must be placed sanitary napkin ring, preventing the flow of water.


Unscrew the valves and try to open the tap? check to see if the water flows, and is firmly tightened all connections. At this point you know how to install the faucet in the kitchen.

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