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How to install a door unit

How to install a door unit

Beautiful interior doors give the room a finished look. They come in various forms: solid and with glass inserts, but installing them in the doorway, always the same way.

Important to correctly set the angles of the door frame and put it straight in the vertical and horizontal planes.

This is easy to do on your own without having to call a master carpenter.

You will need

  • - gvozdi-
  • - samorezy-
  • - Punch with pobeditovym sverlom-
  • - Phillips head screwdriver or shurupovert-
  • - pila-
  • - stuslo-
  • - nalichniki-
  • - podkladki-
  • - dyubelya-
  • - navesy-
  • - a pen-
  • - Castle.



Assemble the door frame. For concrete and masonry openings used boards 50-60 mm thick and 100 mm wide. Prepared and planed boards to connect to each other with screws or nails on wood. At the same time obey the right angle between them, thus the opposite sides of the door frame are parallel and perpendicular.


Adjust the door to the door frame, ifYou need to remove the excess portion of a plane or saw the ends. A chisel and cut down space for the installation of awnings. Screw them to the door with screws, taking into account the direction in which it will be opened. Screws must include flush with the eaves. Install the door on the floor in the door frame.


Install the door frame with the door to dooropening. Align it with the level. Note the pencil lines on both sides of the place of installation of the board. Hammer with a drill Drill pobeditovym place dowel top, middle and bottom of the two vertical guides and the right and left at the bottom and top. Screw the box to the wall with screws, observing the geometric distance between the boards and self-tuned wooden lining on all sides between her and the door opening. Put spacers between its vertical and horizontal boards. The voids between the frame and the door opening assembly foam fill.


Prepare a place under the door knob and embedCastle. Distance from floor to it should be 80-110 mm. At first, take the drill, put it on the Fresno nozzle diameter of the future castle. Drill a hole on both sides alternately. Mark the space under its front bar. Drill special wide drill for wood place under kljucheviny. Passed out in front of the bolt at the end of the door frame or door groove depth of no more than 5 mm. Its size should be a little more shut-off plate. Install the lock and the door handle.


Close the gap between the wall and the door framearchitraves. At the corners and connect at an angle of 45 degrees. To do this, use Malka or miter box. Nail the trim nails to the door frame with the flattened hats, the distance between them 50-75 mm. Where there are loops, they should deviate from the box over the entire length of 10-15 mm, thickness hinge.

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