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How to install a door lock

How to install a door lock

Currently, the need for door lock has not lost its relevance. Number of locks manufactured in various shapes and patterns can satisfy the needs of everyone.

Often, however, the question arises of how to install the door lock.

If he invoice, then no problems, but have to work hard over the mortise.

You will need

  • Castle, pencil, screwdriver or drill, chisel



There are general rules for installation of mortise locks, regardless of their sizes and modifications. The lock is mounted on the door leaf at the height of the handle 90 to 100 cm from the floor.


At first Castle attach to the door at the height of its installation andMeasure the depth of the entry into the web. After that, on the face of the door with a pencil trace the tongue portion of the castle. It should be borne in mind that the counting should be made taking into account the possibility of the tongue panel to close the hole.


Next, using a powerful cordless screwdriver or drill, drill the lock blade depth so that he could freely enter the cavity of the door. For greater smoothness and precision to earn deepening a chisel.


Then drill a hole for the handle. Lock insert and assemble.


It remains to make a hole for the "tab" on the door frame. To do this, you can pencil smear "tongue" of the castle, and thus closing the door, make a layout.


Next using a drill and chisel deepen docking place "tongue" and the door of the box. Then place the decorative accessories. This way you can set any mortise Castle on the interior and exterior doors.

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