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How to install the cooler and processor

How to install the cooler and processor

When buying a computer can be a good idea to save money,if you buy it on the components and refuse services in the assembly shop. In this case, of course, the system unit will have to collect yourself, the cooler, the processor and other components with their own hands.

But in fact, to build a computer - is not difficult.

This requires only the care, accuracy and a certain amount of time.

A received when purchasing savings will be justified.



The first thing to do when building a computer? is to install the cooler, the processor on the motherboard. To do this, put the motherboard on a hard surface, which does not allow her to push for when pressed.


Carefully inspect the processor and the socket itself underit on the motherboard. With one or more parties have no antennae processors contacts. This is done to facilitate assembly. At the same time on the socket and no corresponding sockets under these antennae. Combining these criteria with the processor socket, let go of it. If you get the right connection, it is easy to fail.


The side of the socket is clamping lever processor. Not applying super efforts, gently close the lever. He finally and firmly lock the CPU into the socket.


Soles radiator cooler grease thermal paste. Separately, squeezing a drop of paste on the CPU.


We combine cooler with the CPU and fasten it. Depending on the design of the radiator coolers are mounted levers or like processor clip or special locks or bolts are screwed.


Postings power coming from the cooler, are connected to the motherboard connector.


Install the motherboard in the system box. The rest of the components faster and easier to connect in the system unit.

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