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How to install cooler and processor


How to install cooler and processor</a>

When you buy a computer, you can save a lot,If you purchase it by parts and refuse from the assembly services in the store. In this case, of course, the system unit will have to be assembled independently, install a cooler, processor and other components with their own hands.

But in fact, to assemble a computer is not difficult.

For this we need only attentiveness, accuracy and a certain amount of time.

And the savings obtained during the purchase will be justified.



The first thing you need to do when building a computer? It's to install a cooler, a processor on the motherboard. To do this, we put the motherboard on a solid surface, which will not allow it to be pressed when pressed.


We carefully inspect the processor itself and the socket forIt on the motherboard. On one or several sides, the processors have no antennae-contacts. This is done to facilitate assembly. At the same time, there are no corresponding sockets under these antennae on the socket. By combining the processor with the socket by these criteria, release it. If the connection is correct, it will easily fail.


On the side of the socket is a clamping lever of the processor. Without applying excessive force, carefully close the lever. It finally and firmly fixes the processor in the socket.


The base of the cooler radiator is greased with thermal grease. Separately, a drop of paste is squeezed onto the processor.


We combine the cooler with the processor and fix it. Depending on the design of the radiator, the coolers are attached either by levers like a processor clamp, or by special locks, or screwed with screws.


The power supply wires from the cooler are connected to the corresponding connector of the motherboard.


We install the motherboard in the system box. The remaining components are easier and faster to connect already in the system unit.

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