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How to install the map in the Navigator

How to install the map in the Navigator</a>

Currently, many navigator owners meet with such a situation that their map in the navigator is outdated or just need a map of another region of the country.

It is to ensure that you can quickly replace an old card with a new one or update it, in electronics stores on sale there are separately sold types of electronic cards.

In general, maps for the navigator are sold on special disks or flash drives.



In order to install a new map of the region inYour gps navigator, you need to buy a specially recorded version of the map on the disk, and then install it on the computer with the help of certain software designed specifically for this purpose.


After you have flooded your card into the computer,It can easily be installed on the navigator itself. Most cards for the navigator are sold on a special flash? A carrier that is immediately inserted into the navigator and allows you to continuously work with the card. Thus, any installation of the card from the media will take you a few minutes. But such license cards are quite expensive and require the introduction of an activation code, which you can not get with the card and then you have to buy it via the Internet for electronic money.


If you downloaded the electronic version of the map onComputer, then for installation in the navigator you will approach a method with the substitution of the graphic shell on the computer. You will normally enter the Windows window, but then you will need to go to the shell menu from the manufacturer. This method is considered preferable for inexperienced computer users, and who understands exactly what it should do.


This type of downloading the map to the navigator usingA special program with computer software allows several users to register and enter the license code at the same time. In addition, you can additionally download for your navigator a new graphical shell, replacing the old one. Also, it is possible to download special plug-ins on the Internet that allow you to run your maps in the navigator much faster and more conveniently.


Now on the Internet there are many different graphics assemblies for maps that are equally suitable for most navigators and will be supplemented with new functions and applications by your navigator.

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