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How to install the anchor

How to install the anchor

Anker (anchor) is a reliable "anchor"which helps in the repair or construction. This type of fastener is used as a solid material (concrete or solid brick), and the soft, for example, plasterboard.

Hem ceiling, install a shelf, hang a picture or a closet - for all of this anchor is a must.

The most commonly used mechanical anchors, which are held or frictional force, or due to the stop.

You will need

  • - Punch with a set sverl-
  • - Drill with a set of sverl-
  • - a hammer-
  • - Open-end wrench.



Install the expansion anchors. This type is most common in the construction industry. It is available in length of 20-120 mm and a diameter of 4-20 mm. It is best used on a solid brick and concrete. But some models are anchors for use in hollow materials. Mount it in a pre-drilled hole depth and diameter desired. It should be clear from the base material residues - this should be done for any kind of anchor.


Install the universal anchor. Traditional its base - plastic or nylon. They are elastically flexible middle portion. This is achieved by long longitudinal slots in the middle, but the head and tail part must be intact. Drill a hole in the base material, insert the screw anchor and screw. When he starts to be screwed, they will attract each other, while the central part is divergent in hand. Frictionally anchor firmly pressed soft material as well as to concrete. For a plasterboard panel or partition brick pulling its central part, it is a good "anchor."


Set the Drop Anchor. It is a metal, and polymer. The principle of operation is the same as that of the spacer anchor. Nylon different special screw, which is threaded in the form of "shark tooth", which gives him an advantage in the installation. Metal precast anchor also differ in the way of installation. Drop anchor in the material installed special striker, a push sleeve and thereby secured in it. They are widely used for concrete surfaces. Make a hole, drive its metal anchor with a hammer and lock nut.


Install the spring anchor. This type is disclosed by the spring force. There are two types of such anchors: Hollow materials where mounting takes place by a special mehanizma- for solid materials such as concrete, securing occurs by samoraspiraniya. Both types are widely used for fixing ceiling elements.

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