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How to install an anchor


How to install an anchor</a>

Anchor (dowel) is a reliable "anchor"Which helps in the repair or construction. This type of fasteners is used both in dense materials (concrete or solid brick), and in soft, for example, plasterboard.

Sew a suspended ceiling, install a shelf, hang a picture or a cabinet - for all this, an anchor is simply necessary.

The most common are mechanical anchors, which are held either by friction, or by means of an abutment.

You will need

  • - perforator with a set of drill-
  • - Drill with a set of drill-
  • - a hammer-
  • - the car key.



Install the spacer anchor. This type is most common in construction. It is produced in length of 20-120 mm and diameter of 4-20 mm. It is best used on solid brick and concrete. But some models of anchors are designed for use in hollow materials. Mount it into a pre-drilled hole of the required depth and diameter. It should be cleaned of the rest of the base material - this should be done for any kind of anchor.


Install the universal anchor. Its traditional basis is plastic or nylon. They have an elastic elastic middle section. This is achieved with the help of long longitudinal slots in the middle, but the head and tail part must be intact. Drill a hole in the base material, insert the anchor and screw the screw. When he starts to screw in, they will begin to be attracted to each other, while the central part will diverge to the sides. Due to friction, the anchor is pressed firmly against both soft material and concrete. For the drywall sheet or partition of the hollow brick its central part is tightened, it becomes a good "anchor".


Install the drive anchor. It can be both metallic and polymeric. The principle of their action is the same as that of the spacer anchor. Nylon are distinguished by a special screw, which has a carving in the form of a shark tooth, which gives it an advantage in installation. Metal driven anchors also differ in the way they are installed. The driven anchor in the material is installed by a special striker, pushing the sleeve and thereby fixed in it. They have found wide application for concrete surfaces. Prepare a hole, hammer its metal anchor with a hammer and fix it with a nut.


Install the spring anchor. This type is revealed by the force of the spring. There are two types of similar anchors: for hollow materials, where the fastening occurs due to a special mechanism for solid materials, for example, concrete, and retention occurs due to self-expansion. Both types are widely used for fixing ceiling elements.

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