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How to install acoustics


How to install acoustics</a>

Riding in your own car turns into an even more enjoyable experience when a ride accompanies your favorite music.

Music or radio can brighten up a longA trip or a tight city traffic jam, which is why most car owners, if their cars do not have factory recorders and speakers, install an acoustic system on the car.

In this article, you will learn how to equip the machine with new speakers.



First, you need to choose the right oneAcoustic system before buying it. The type of acoustics depends on the type and model of the car, as well as on those places in the car that you prepared for the system. Depending on the location of the proposed speakers, find out what size the dynamics will fit there.


Then select the type of speaker you want? Coaxial or component. If you want to get high quality sound, purchase a component speaker system with separate low, mid and high frequency speakers. The larger the size of the speakers themselves? The deeper will be the level of sound and the deeper the bass will sound.


Acquiring acoustics, be sure to payAttention to its sensitivity. The sensitivity should be as high as possible, providing a normal sound without an additional amplifier. Also pay attention to the resonance frequency. Should this parameter be low? Not higher than 70. It provides the depth of the bass frequency. Also high should be the overall quality factor.


To acoustics pleased you with a good sound,In addition to selecting the right characteristics, it must be properly mounted and installed. The speakers should be installed firmly and without gaps, so that no vibrations occur when sounding. In some cases, the speakers need noise isolation? For example, if they are installed in the door.


If the speakers do not stand on each side, butFront of the car, place the subwoofer in the trunk, and place the speakers in front of the body. In the front of the cabin, near the bass, set the high-frequency speakers.

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