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How to install speakers

How to install speakers

Driving in your own car turns into an even more pleasant experience when the trip soprovozdaet favorite music.

Music or radio can brighten up a longtrip or tighten the urban traffic jam, which is why most car owners if their vehicles do not have the factory radio and speakers, mounted on the car sound system.

In this article you will learn how to equip the machine with new speakers.



First you need to choose the rightspeaker system before buying it. acoustic type depends on the type and model of the car, as well as from the places in the car, which you have prepared for the system. Depending on the locations of the alleged speaker, find out what size of speakers to suit.


Then select the desired type of speaker system? coaxial or component. If you want to get high quality sound, purchase a component speaker system with separate speakers low, mid and high frequencies. The larger the size of the speakers themselves? the deeper will be the sound level and the deeper the bass will sound.


Buying speakers, be sure to payattention to its sensitivity. Sensitivity should be as high as possible, ensuring the normal sound without an additional amplifier. Also pay attention to the resonance frequency. This option should be low? not more than 70. It provides deep bass frequencies. Also, the high should be setting the overall quality factor.


To acoustics please you good sound,in addition to choosing the right characteristics, it must be properly mounted and set. The speakers should be installed tightly and without gaps, so that when the sound vibrations arose. In some cases, the speakers need insulation? for example, if they are installed in the door.


If the speakers will not stand on the sides, andfront of the vehicle, place the subwoofer in the trunk, and the speakers, set the front of the body. In front of the cabin near the bass set the tweeters.

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