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How to install software on the PDA

How to install programs on the PDA

As everyone knows, the CCP has no software installed on it of little use, and all his? Chips? not to disclose.

And in order to install the software on your PDA, you must know what and where? Fill ?.

All this is fairly easy, but not everyone knows it.



The first step to overcome the problem is very simple.
To start, you need to figure out what type of file you have downloaded to your device.
Software for PDAs can be of several types:
- It may be a .exe file, which is automatically installed.
- It can be an installation file, which in turn decompresses the program directly to the root of your PDA (.cab).
- It may also be a program that does not require any further installation.


If you have downloaded to your PDA unpacked installation file (.cab), you need to do the following:
- Copy from your personal computer cab file to your PDA, at any convenient place for you. (If you've already downloaded files to your PDA, then this step we therefore skip.)
- Using a wire or a conventional file manager look for downloaded file and run it.
- If your PDA has a flash card, choosing where the program is installed, select the flash card or phone memory, then press the Set button ?.


If you have a package with a program that is installed directly from your PC, you need to do the following steps:
- Connect your device to your computer and sync it with ActiveSync.
- Run the file you want on your PC, afterthen follow the steps on your screen. At the end of the window will be displayed that tells you that you need to install is already on the PDA.


If you came across a program that requires no installation, you will simply copy it to a folder on your PDA, and enjoy her work.

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