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How to set the player to the site

How to set the player to the site

Musical accompaniment creates a site insome extent the effect of the presence of the user. He almost moved from cyberspace into the real, in the neighborhood with the author of the site, especially if the site belongs to musical groups.

To create this effect, set the player on their website.

You will need

  • A computer with an internet connection.



Go to the website www.poqbum.com and then there is a team? Flash mp3 player ?. Select the player design and press the button? Continue? (? Continue?). table in two columns will appear on a new page. Leave it.


Go to the admin panel of your site and find the file manager. Upload the music to your liking. Immediately after downloading, click on the song to be heard first.

Copy the link that appears.


Paste the link in the first column of the table (the first line). In the second record the track title and artist name. In the same way, transfer the rest of the song and click? Continue again? (? Continue?).


On the new page will be HTML-code for playing the player. Copy it.


Again, go to the website control panelopen design management. In the group of global blocks click? Add a block ?. Assign new block PLAYER name, insert the HTML-code and save the changes.


The global block next to be PLAYERCode: $ GLOBAL_PLAYER $. Copy it, go to the Control Panel and click the tab? Editor page of the site ?. select the location of the player on a new page. If you want to see him at the bottom, insert the code in the bottom of the page. To the player appeared at the top, insert the code in the middle. Save the page and view. If the location of the player you do not like, put the code above or below.

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