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How to install plastic window sills

How to install plastic window sills

Any sill serves not only as aDecorative elements (decorative shelves for flowers, for example), but also is an important and practical accessory for any living space is defined as the direction of the air and preventing the condensate drain from the windows on the interior walls and floor of the room.



Installation of plastic window sill start with the measurement of the size of the window sill space for installation of a window sill.


Next, cut the plastic sill required size (can be sawed ordinary saw on wood). After cutting the sill close the ends of the decorative caps.


Plugs pick in length based on the method of fastening and installation location. Before installing the sill having first cement pad, applying waterproofing.


Install window sills using screws or bolts to the metalsupports or with adhesive or mortar. Using mortar can be quite effective, as the bottom of the groove of the sill provides a strong grasp of plastic concrete surface.


When installing the sill over a radiator,in order to avoid excessive heating and melting or the risk of fire, be sure to leave between the battery and the surface of the sill gap of at least 10 cm.


Upon completion of installation, remove the protective film, and the joints of the sill of the window surface and slopes promazhte silicone sealant.

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