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How to Install Plastic Window Sills


How to Install Plastic Window Sills</a>

Any window sill serves not only as aAn element of decor (a decorative shelf for flowers, for example), but it is also an important and practical accessory for any living space, which sets both the direction of the air and prevents the drain of condensate from the windows to the inner walls and floor of the room.



Installation of the plastic window sill start with measuring the size of the window space for the installation of the window sill.


Next, cut the plastic sill of the required size (you can saw with a regular saw on the tree). After cutting the window sill, close its ends with decorative caps.


Plug the lengths according to the method of attachment and the installation site. Before installing the window sill, pre-prepare the cement site using waterproofing.


Mount Window sills Using screws or screws on metalSupports or with the help of glue or mortar. The use of mortar can be quite effective, since the groove in the bottom of the window sill provides a strong grasp of the plastic with the concrete surface.


Installing the window sill over the heating battery,To prevent excessive heating and the risk of fusion or fire, be sure to leave a gap of at least 10 cm between the battery and the sill surface.


After the installation is completed, remove the protective film, and seal the window sill with the window surface and slopes with silicone sealant.

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