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How to install the Opera program


How to install the Opera program</a>

Web browser Opera - one of the most popular programs for Internet surfing for today.

It is very fast, easy, does not require excessive system resources.

In addition, Opera is very convenient and easy to use.

Even the most inexperienced user can install it on his computer.

For this it is sufficient to perform a number of simple steps.



Before starting the installation itself, download the installation program file from the Internet. To do this, go to the manufacturer's website at www.opera.com. Although the Opera browser is a development of the Norwegian company, it has fully Russian-language localized versions. If you are in Russia, the page of the site will also be loaded in Russian.


On the main page of the site, at the top, its partFind the big button with the inscription "Download version for Windows". If your computer is running on this operating system, click it and download the program's installation file to your hard disk. If you have a different OS, the corresponding versions of the browser you will see on the same page a little lower. The installation file takes only 13-14 MB.


Before installing Opera, close all previouslyOpen applications on your computer (computer programs). Open the folder where you saved the Opera installation file. You will be able to identify it by the big red letter "O", used as an icon, and the extension .exe. Double click on the file with a mouse or open it through the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click.


First of all, you will open a serviceWindow for choosing the installation language. By default it will be Russian. Select the language that suits you and click the "OK" button. The installation wizard will start, and a corresponding message will appear. In the window that will open, click the "Next" button.


The next window is the "Opera Browser License Agreement". Because the Opera Free, you do not need to payFor it or enter any keys and codes. Just click "I Accept." The process of installing the program directly will start. Do not interfere with it and do not work with other programs at this moment, just wait a bit.


After the installation process is complete, youScreen will appear with a message about it. Click the "Finish" button in it and exit the wizard. Find the Opera browser icon (the big red letter "O") on the desktop and start the program with a double click of the mouse. By default, you initially download the developer site page with information about the capabilities of the browser and its options. If you have never worked with this program before, read the suggested information. They will help you better navigate the program and correctly configure it according to your needs.

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