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How to install Opera

How to install Opera

Web browser Opera - one of the most popular programs for internet surfing today.

She is very quick, easy, does not require excessive system resources.

In addition, Opera is very convenient and easy to use.

Install it on your computer will be able to even the most inexperienced user.

It is enough to perform a series of simple steps.



Before beginning the actual installation, download from the Internet application installation file. To do this, go to the manufacturer's website at www.opera.com. Although the browser Opera is the development of the Norwegian company, it has a fully localized version of the Russian-speaking. If you are in Russia, the page of the site is also loaded in Russian.


On the main page of the site, at the top, and its partget the big button that says "Download the version for Windows». If your computer is running on this operating system, click and download it to your hard drive installation file. If you have a different operating system, the appropriate version of the browser you will see on the same page, a little below. The installation file is just 13-14 MB.


Before installing the Opera, close all previouslyopen on your computer applications (software programs). Open the folder where you saved the installation file Opera. You will be able to identify him by a large red letter "O" is used as an icon and .exe extension. Double-click on the mouse file or open it via the context menu, drop down when you press the right mouse button.


In the first place you'll get servicebox to select the language. By default, it will be Russian. Select the required language and click "OK". You start the installation wizard, as appropriate message will appear. click "Next" in the wizard window.


The next window - "License Agreement Opera browser." Because the Opera distributed free of charge, you do not have to payfor it or enter any keys and codes. Just click "I accept." This starts the process of direct installation program. Do not interfere in it, and do not work at the moment with other programs, just wait for a while.


After the installation process, you have towindow appears with a message about it. Click it "Finish" button and exit the wizard. Locate the computer's Opera browser icon on the desktop (the big red letter "O") and run the program by double-clicking the mouse. By default, you have the original developers of the page to load a site with information about the browser capabilities and options. If you have never previously worked with this program, read the information offered. They will help you to better navigate the program and correctly set it up according to your needs.

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