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How to install an on-board computer


How to install an on-board computer</a>

On-board computer ? One of the most important additional devices of a modern car. Accurate data on the temperature of the engine, air, about the crankshaft rotation and the position of the throttle? All this will help you to recognize the onboard computer installed in the car.

Moreover, he will report on the errors of the injector, you can learn about which without the on-board computer you can only in the service center.

You will need

  • To connect the on-board computer, the device itself requires a cable that connects the computer to the K-line of the car and a flat-blade screwdriver.



Turn the ignition off. Select the available space to install the computer on the central panel. If all the Din-places on the panel are occupied, you can abandon the clock, or from some other not often used device. Hours of the onboard computer can quite replace a regular chronograph of the car. Gently pull it with a screwdriver and pull it out.


Locate the diagnostic pad in the center panel. Connect the input of the on-board computer to the diagnostic socket.

Using a standard connecting cable, connect the computer to the K-line of the injector. Most often this entrance is under the steering column of the car. Route the cable inside the panel.


Turn the ignition on. The computer must turn on and begin selecting the data transfer protocol. After the computer automatically searches for the protocol, the computer will go into operating mode. If you can not find the protocol for the computer, select your protocol manually.


In accordance with the instructions on the computer, set the date and time. Test the correct display of speed and distance. If necessary, amend the mileage and speed of the car.

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