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How to install on-board computer

How to install on-board computer

On-board computer ? One of the most important options of the modern car. Exact data about engine temperature, air speed of the crankshaft and throttle position? All this will help to find out installed in the vehicle on-board computer.

Moreover, it will report an error injector, which can identify only in the service center without on-board computer.

You will need

  • To connect the device onboard kompyuterakrome need a cable that connects the computer to the K-car line and a flathead screwdriver.



Turn off the ignition. Select the free space for installation on the front panel of the computer. If all the Din-panel space occupied, you can refuse to hours, or by some other device is not often used. Watch on-board computer can quite replace a staff car chronograph. Gently pry it with a screwdriver and remove forward.


Locate the diagnostic connector in the central panel. Connect the input of the on-board computer to the DLC.

With the help of the staff of the connecting cable, connect the computer to the K-line injector. Most often, this is the entrance of the car under the steering rack. Route the cable inside the panel.


Switch on the ignition. The computer should turn on and start the selection of the data transmission protocol. After the automatic search protocol computer goes into operation. If you can not choose your protocol manually choose the computer protocol.


In accordance with the instructions on the computer, set the date and time. Test the accuracy of the display speed and distance. If necessary, make corrections and run the vehicle speed.

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