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How to install RAM


Memory module</a>

RAM significantly affects the performance of the computer, and sometimes it becomes necessary to install an additional memory module or replace the stopped working.

With this you can fully manage on your own and do not contact the specialists.



To install in a computer, orLaptop memory, you should first choose a memory that matches the parameters of your motherboard, if you have a system unit, or technical specifications of the model, if you have a laptop. After you have purchased the required RAM bar, you can proceed with the installation.


For the installation in a laptop, the sequence of actions is as follows:
1. Turn off the laptop by closing the lid, turn it upside down and place it on the table.

2. Carefully inspect the case of the laptop and find the places where, having unscrewed a few screws, you can get to the inside of the laptop. For different models, the size of such windows, closed with covers, can differ, so find the window you need by opening a sample, you will see the same memory bar as the one you bought.

3. Carefully remove the old bar if you are replacing, or simply add a new one to an existing one if you are adding memory. Do not leave the old, idle memory module in place, if there is a free slot next to which you inserted a new memory bar? The computer will not turn on!

4. Close the main memory compartment cover, without forgetting to screw the faults into place.

5. Everything is ready, you can use.


To install the memory in the system unit, proceed as follows:
1. Disconnect all wires (keyboard, mouse, monitor, LAN, speakers, power cord, etc.), and remove the left side cover of the system unit. In order to remove the cover, you need to unscrew a few screws, or loosen the latches.

2. By opening the left side cover, you will have access to the contents of your computer. On the motherboard, find the RAM modules corresponding to your existing ones, and add a new memory bar, or replace the old one with a new one. As a rule, there are several slots on the motherboard where memory can be inserted, however, if one of the older modules fails, do not leave it on the board? The computer will not work!

3.Convenge all in the reverse order, and start the computer.

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