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How to install memory

memory module

RAM significantly affects the performance of your computer, and it is sometimes necessary to install additional memory or replace stop working.

With this you can handle yourself well and do not turn to specialists.



To install to your computer, orlaptop memory, should first pick up the memory that is identical with your motherboard, if you have the system unit, or model specifications, if you have a laptop. Once you have purchased your desired bar of RAM, you can install.


For installation in a notebook the sequence of actions is as follows:
1. Turn off the laptop, closing the lid, turn it bottom up and put on the table.

2. Inspect the laptop case and find the place where, unscrewing a few screws, you can reach the innards of the notebook. Different models of such size? ?, Windows closed lids may be different, so through trial you get the right window is opened, you will see the same memory of the bar, as well as the one you bought.

3. Carefully remove the old bar, if you are replacing, or simply add a new one to the existing one, if you add memory. Do not leave the old, broken memory module in place, if there is a free slot in which you insert a new memory bar? the computer will not turn on!

4. Close the memory compartment, do not forget to screw the fault place.

5. Everything is ready, you can use it.


To install the memory in the system unit, proceed as follows:
1. Disconnect all cables (keyboard, mouse, monitor, Ethernet, speakers, power cord, etc.), and remove the left side cover of the system unit. To remove the cover, you will need to unscrew a few screws, latches or loosen.

2. After opening the left side cover, you get access to the contents of your computer. The motherboard locate the RAM modules corresponding available to you, and add a new memory stick, or replace the old with the new. Typically, the motherboard has multiple slots where you can insert the memory, however, if one of the old units has failed, in any case, do not leave it on the board? the computer will not work!

3.Soberite everything in reverse order, and start the computer.

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