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How to install lights VAZ 2112

How to install lights VAZ 2112

Driving the vehicle in the dark is not possible, as well as smoking, without the use of lighting devices, such as lights.

They help to identify the vehicle on the road and allow you to see any objects that appear in front of him.

The headlights should be used only regular lamp, otherwise it may be damaged reflector coating.

In the case of an unforeseen failure or replacement, this work can be done independently.



Disconnect the wire "minus" of the storage battery. Remove the radiator grille. Disconnect from headlights connector with wires. Click on the lock cylinder hydrocorrector, then turn it clockwise by 90 ° until it stops and pull out of the nest. Do not disconnect the hoses.


Remove the three bolts headlights, Then slide back the lens unit. Then move the pad blockheadlights to the machine center approximately 4 cm sothat came out of the engagement with the wing of her hook. Loosen the bolts of the top fastening of a bumper, press it forward, it will give the opportunity to easily move the pad, so that you can press forward.


Click on the lower element covers that came out of engagement with the front bumper of her collar. Remove the cover. Unscrew the nut of the bottom fastening headlights. Apply lens unit itself. Disconnect from the direction indicator, remove the lens unit from the vehicle. To disassemble it, remove the two screws that secure.


Disconnect then turn signal and headlight. To do this, print the two hooks on the index case, which are fixed to the housing headlights. Installation and assembly blockheadlights conduct in the reverse order. Then perform the adjustment of light of headlights. To do this, completely fill the car, put a set of tools and spare wheel.


Check the air pressure in the tires. If necessary - pump up. Car set perpendicular to the wall on a smooth horizontal flat ground at a distance of 5 meters. On the driver's seat, place a weight of 75 kg. On the wall mark the screen. According to the "zero" line should pass the longitudinal plane of symmetry of the vehicle.


Measure the height of the vehicle headlamps to the centersfloor that is equal to the distance h on the screen. Turn on the low beam, then install the handle hydrocorrector in "1" position. Raise the screws and adjust the hood in the horizontal and vertical position of the light spot for each separately headlights on the screen, while the second headlamp close dark material.

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