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How to install a VAZ 2112 headlight


How to install a VAZ 2112 headlight</a>

Movement of the car in the dark is impossible, and also prohibited, without the use of lights, in particular headlights.

They help to identify a vehicle on the road and allow you to see foreign objects that appear in front of it.

In headlamps, only standard lamps should be used, otherwise the reflective coating may fail.

In the event of an unforeseen breakdown or replacement, this work can be performed independently.



Disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the radiator lining. Disconnect from Lights A block with wires. Press the hydraulic corrector cylinder latch, then turn it clockwise 90 ° to the stop and pull it out of the socket. Do not disconnect hoses.


Remove the three mounting bolts Lights, Then slide the headlamp backwards. Then move the block-Lights To the center of the machine by about 4 cm,To get out of gear with the wing of her hook. Loosen the fastening bolts of the upper bumper, press it forward, this will make it easy to move the cover plate so that it can be pressed forward.


Press the lower element of the cover plate to release the flange from the front bumper. Remove the overlay. Remove the lower fixing nut Lights. Give the block-headlight to yourself. Disconnect the brake pad from the turn indicator, remove the headlamp from the vehicle. In order to disassemble it, unscrew the two fastening screws.


Disconnect the direction indicator and the headlight. To do this, output two hooks on the body of the pointer, which are fixed to the body Lights. Installation and assembly of the block-Lights Swipe in the reverse order. After that, adjust the headlights. To do this, completely fill up the car, put the tool kit and spare wheel.


Check the air pressure in the tires. If necessary - pump up. The car should be installed perpendicular to the smooth wall on a horizontal level platform at a distance of 5 meters. On the driver's seat, place a weight of 75 kg. On the wall, mark the screen. The longitudinal plane of symmetry of the vehicle must pass along the "zero" line.


Measure the height of the headlights toFloor, which is equal to the distance h on the screen. Turn on the low beam, then set the rotary knob to "1". Raise the hood and adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the light spot separately for each Lights On the screen, while the second headlight is covered with a dark material.

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