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How to install ICQ on your phone from your computer


How to install ICQ on your phone from your computer</a>

In Russia, ICQ is one of the most popular online services.

Numerous applications for mobile phones allow you to constantly stay in touch, even if you do not have a computer with Internet access.



Download ICQ for mobile phone. To do this, launch a web browser on your computer and go to the mobile app developer site. Find the link "Download" and click on it. If necessary, specify your phone model and other parameters. Click "Save" and wait for the download to finish.


Connect the phone to the computer. To do this, use the supplied usb-cord, one end of which connect to a mobile phone, and the other - to the corresponding connector on the computer. Wait until the system detects the device completely, which is indicated by a characteristic sound. If necessary, in the automatic mode, the drivers responsible for the operation of the mobile phone as a removable device will be installed.


Open the phone folder using the explorer. In another window, open the folder containing the ICQ application files for the mobile phone. Select them, right-click, select "Copy", then open the folder in the application phone, right-click and select "Paste." Wait until the copying process is complete.


After that, open the downloaded file on your mobile phone. The application either starts up right away, or the installation process starts - it depends on the phone model.


Not all mobile phones support thisHow to install applications. To install ICQ in these phones, run a program designed to synchronize your computer and mobile phone. As a rule, it is included in the package, and you can find it on the corresponding CD-ROM. In case of its loss (or absence for another reason) download the application from the official website of the manufacturer of your mobile phone.


Run the program. Find the menu item that is responsible for installing mobile applications, and select it. In the interface that appears, specify the location of the ICQ file on the computer, select it and click the "Install" button. Wait until the process is complete.

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