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How to install icq mobile phone

How to install icq mobile phone

Mobile phone and internet are some of the most popular methods of communication.

Together, they provide even more opportunities for communication.

An example of this is the use ICQ in your mobile phone.



There are some ICQ installation optionsmobile phone. The simplest of these is the use of mobile phone resources. To do this, he must be able to connect to the Internet. If this option is not connected, contact your mobile operator.


Launch your phone's mobile browser. You can use a standard Internet browser, and one of the third-party programs. Go to ICQ mobile application developers (jimm.org, icq.com et al.). Click the appropriate link to download. If necessary, select your phone model and the desired set of application capabilities. After the phone offers to install the program, press the Confirm button. Wait until the download and installation.


Set phone can ICQ and usingcomputer. With the mobile app download required Web browser. In this case, if available, select a specific model of your phone.


Connect your phone to the computer usingUSB-cable (or other communication method, for example, Bluetooth or Wi-fi). Once the new system of removable devices by using Windows Explorer, open the mobile phone folder. Copy the downloaded mobile application. After that, disconnect your phone from the computer and then run it to install ICQ.


Some mobile phones supportinstalling applications from PC only through a special program. As a rule, it is supplied with the phone. Install and launch the desired application. After determining their connected mobile phone, select "Applications". In the Properties pane, select the downloaded application ICQ, and click on the "Install" button. Wait until the process is complete.

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