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How to install heating

How to install heating

Heating system ? it is a good alternative to ordinary heating, which allows to save money and provide a warm home even when standard heating for some reason is faulty.

Install gas heating system is simple, if the step-by-step to perform the desired action, about which we will tell you in this article.



The first step is to install the auxiliary heating? This submission of an application to the city gas management. In a statement, enter your passport details and apply for the connection of the gas boiler in accordance with the specifications at your accommodation.


Technical connection conditions in particularThey include a number of already installed in the building of gas boilers, as well as carried out hydraulic calculation of gas supply system. Gas struts in homes do not assume such a load, which is supplied by gas boilers, and therefore in the house heating system can only be installed in 10% of the apartments.


After submitting an application, refer to the projectan organization that has a license to work with the gas pipeline in the house according to the cadastral passport of your apartment, which must indicate the location of the boiler. In most cases it is installed in the kitchen.


The finished project check with the gas company and discuss the installation of the gas meter.


The gas company pass instruction on the use of gas equipment and learn all aspects of safety. Get help and memo on the use of a gas boiler.


Then get the act of the ventilation duct technical condition of your apartment in the Interior Ministry to get permission for the safe installation of the boiler.


After that go to buy pot. The boiler with the purchase must be accompanied by a certificate of conformity, indicating its suitability for use. Conclude a contract for maintenance of the boiler and the warranty card.


After the purchase of the boiler, contact the gas company to discuss the date of the installation and start-up of the boiler.

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