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How to install central locking

How to install central locking

Central locking is setmechanisms, called actuators, and metal rods for coupling actuator rods with door locks. The kit also includes electrical wires for connection to the signaling unit.

Install the central locking can be a few hours.

You will need

  • - A set of plastic clips for fastening paneling
  • - screws
  • - A set of tools (screwdriver, etc.)



To install the central lock on the carindependently, it requires some technical skills, spatial thinking and the necessary tools. Installation requires removing the lock parts door trim, so it is necessary to have a set of clips for fastening plastic sheathing, as these parts are disposable and must be replaced.


When removing the door trim and dust curtainsInspect the door and select a location for the actuator. It is necessary to take into account the progress of glass and window mechanism. You may need to manufacture the bracket for proper spatial orientation of the actuator.


The actuator is attached to the door with screws. After installation, you need to make a pair it with a draft of the door lock, responsible for raising and lowering the door lock button. The supplied rod has at one end a clamp which is fastened to the lock rod, and is specifically designed to fit in place. Cravings can dish out in order to reduce the length and / or changes in the action plane. Check the progress of the mating parts together. Progress must be smooth and easy.


Route the cable and secure it to the doorplastic clamps. Pull wire through the corrugated tube, which is located between the door and the counter body at the hinge region and serves to protect the wires from abrasion. Connect the wire to the alarm unit according to the attached chart.


After the health check on the mechanical and electrical parts of the door trim assemble in reverse order.

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