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How to install a car alarm

How to install a car alarm

All motorists dream of maximum protection against theft for his "swallows".

In this case, difficult to entrust the installation of the security system dubious car service, and large dealerships announced for installation inflated prices.

If you have a basic knowledge of the car and electrical devices, a simple alarm system can be put to.

You will need

  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • pliers
  • Tester
  • Insulating tape



Install the LED in a visible location at the glass on the dashboard.


To get the alarm unit under the dash and a convenient hiding place. The more you hide the alarm unit, the less chance that it will find and disconnect.


Tester get the wires to the indicator,ignition, + 12V, the door switch (buttons opening and closing doors), central lock. If the central locking in the car does not exist, remove the door trim and install the drive. Connect it to the unit alarm for instructions. The drive can be mounted on all four doors.


Wire limit switch and turn signals are in harness at the threshold, leading to the trunk. If there are no limit switches in the car hood and trunk, set them further.


Set under the hood to dry the far cornersiren. Prisverlite it, close the black wire to ground and the red plug to block the alarm. All places of wires or connections are wrapped black electrical tape or solder.


The main safety car offerLock? starter, ignition or fuel pump. To lock the need to find a wire, lead, for example, in the ignition. Wire bite through,? Crashing? it is carried by block. Color blocking wire specified in the manual alarm you selected.


The alarm is set Valet button tousing a programmable alarm on or off. The button must be installed in a secret but accessible place for you personally. It is used if the alarm was broken, you want to make changes to alarm settings or even turn it off, leaving only the work of the central locking system. All settings are made Valet button for manual alarm chosen model.


After installing the Valet button to beginProgramming the alarm function. You can program only the necessary features you need or expand the standard features of the security system. All programming is done strictly according to the instructions of the model alarm.

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