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How to install tire

How to install tire

The most important element of a vehicle wheel is the tire.

It is an elastic rubber-metal-tissue envelope, which is mounted on the rim of the disc. The main objective is to ensure the tire of the car in contact with the road surface.

In addition it absorbs minorfluctuations which are caused by imperfections in the roadway. Today, the vehicle most often installed tubeless tires, which is the same as the chamber counterparts exposed puncture, which is very often the case in a way.

Therefore, every motorist should know how the tires are installed.

You will need

  • - Car key-
  • - Jack.



First, they removed the old wheels and tires. To do this by conventional automotive wrench, remove the nuts, but not to the end, that is, you will only need to weaken them.


Now, with the help of a jack lift the car. This should be done only on a flat surface. After that you can before the end unscrew the nuts and remove the wheel.


Put new tubeless tires in front of the old. In addition, each tire, which is planned to install will have to take its final position in order to avoid confusion. After that, the surface of the drums and brake discs, remove all information on it rust and dirt.


The next stage must be to make checklanding wheels on the vehicle hub. The slightest deviation from the center hub of the wheel center of the disk can cause the wheel runout. This, as is known, is accompanied by vibration of the steering wheel. In the worst case, jeopardize the reliability of fixing the wheel can be set, and it can lead to tragic consequences.


To check compliance with automotive dimensionsbolts and nuts the size of the thread for the first time, set them without wheels. At the same time you do not feel even the slightest resistance. If the nut and stud are chosen correctly, then they can be manually tighten without wrench.


All wheel bolts and disk space before landingbegin the installation process the tires rust inhibitor, for which you can use wax spray. Now you can install the tire in its place, then do not forget to hold your hand on each wheel. This will make sure that the outer edge of the disc does not touch the inside of the rim.

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