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How to install tires


How to install tires</a>

The most important element of the car wheel is the tire.

It is an elastic rubber-metal-fabric shell, which is installed on the rim of the disc. The main task of the tire is to ensure the vehicle's contact with the road surface.

In addition, it absorbs insignificantThe vibrations caused by the imperfection of the roadway. Today, the vehicle is most often installed tubeless tires, which, like the chamber analogs are prone to punctures, which often occurs on the road.

Therefore, every motorist should know how to install tires.

You will need

  • - Car key-
  • Jack.



First, remove the old wheels and tires. To do this, use the usual car key to unscrew the nuts, but not to the end, that is, you will only need to loosen them.


Now use the jack to lift the car. Do this only on a flat surface. After that, you can unscrew the nuts to the end and remove the wheels.


Put new tubeless tires opposite the old ones. In this case, each tire, which is planned to be installed, will have to take its final position in order to avoid confusion. After that, remove any rust and dirt from the surface of the drums and brake discs.


The next step is to checkLanding wheel on the hub of the car. The slightest deviation of the center of the hub from the center of the wheel can cause the wheel to run out. And this, as is known, is accompanied by vibration on the steering wheel. In the worst case, the reliability of fastening the wheel itself can be compromised, and this can lead to tragic consequences.


To check the conformity of the dimensions of automobileBolts and nuts to the sizes of a carving for the first time establish them without wheels. In this case, you should not feel even the slightest resistance. If the nuts and studs are selected correctly, they can be twisted by hand without using a spanner.


All wheel bolts and disk seats in front ofStart the installation of tires treated with an anti-corrosion compound, which can be used as a wax spray. Now you can put the tires in their place, then do not forget to hold a hand on each wheel. This will make sure that the outer edge of the disc does not touch the inner side of the rim.

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