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How to install the bearing

How to install the bearing

All machines have parts that are in the process of spinning and spinning.

This leads to friction, heat and wear. To avoid these problems, on the support portions of the shaft bearings mounted.

This reduces the wear of parts from a long friction and heat.

You will need

  • - a hammer-
  • - Length of pipe.



Bearing installation is carried out in severalstages. At the first check and prepare and bearing assembly, where it will be installed. Seating surfaces clean of rust, old grease and dirt. Also check how it is worn, or bearing on such a surface will be rotated, with the result that subvert the host. If the damage is minor, remove them by grinding. On the surface that has been prepared for the installation of the bearing, apply a small layer of grease.


Acquired for installing new bearingIt must be in a sealed packaging made of plastic, which is conserving grease, contributing to its long storage. After opening the package, remove the bearing and wash it in gasoline. If it is present the protective washer to wash the bearings is not necessary.


To install the bearings need to be cuttube of soft metal that is suitable to the size of the inner or outer ring of the bearing. If you install it on the shaft, the frame must fit the inner ring if the mount into the case - under the outer ring of the bearing. Install the bearing is not strong blows of a hammer on the frame, which, in turn, must be attached to the appropriate ring of the bearing. At the same time, keep in mind that the applied load has to be uniform. In addition, you can not make it directly to the bearing rings or a number of rolling elements.


During bearing mounting, pay attention to the fact that it was placed on the shaft or hole without warping, as this can cause scoring of the bearing surface or node.


By installing the bearing, grease the surface of the rolling elements with grease. Bearings having a protective washers or sealing rings, already contain lubricant factory, so they do not need it.

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