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How to install the arch

How to install the arch

With the help of the arch of the drywall you have a great opportunity to change the interior of the apartment without major repairs.

This arch with intricate forms and curves without doubt will attract attention. You have already made a decision, but do not know how to do this arch.

Consider the classic technology to create an arch.

You will need

  • Putty, putty knife, sheets of paper, aluminumprofile sheets of drywall, hammer or drill, screws and dowels, construction knife, hammer, pencil, tape measure, metal scissors, nail file on plaster, sandpaper, a screwdriver or a screwdriver.



Before starting work, calculate the radius of curvature, ie the width and length of the doorway. If the height of the door opening is less than 2 m, then create arch It does not make sense, because it will reduce space.


After the necessary preparations start to work. The doorway should be inserted straight horizontal and vertical guides, which are made of metal profile. They need to fix in increments of 15 cm with dowels.


Cut Drywall 4 identicalright-angled triangles, which should be slightly longer than the radius of curvature of the arch. On a sheet of paper to make a pattern of curvature of the arch. For all triangles cut rounding pattern. All 4 pieces fix the corners of the door opening.


Attach the drywall screws to the profile. Make an incision on the walls of the profile with a pitch of 5-7 cm. Arch the back of the profile on the curvature of the arched structure and secure with screws. Bend the metal inside, and then secure dyubilem.


Cut a strip of drywall 2-3 cm widerwall thickness and 10 cm longer bend arch. Make a series of holes in the strip with a pitch of 7-8 cm. Then attach the strip to the end profiles, thus repeating the arch bend.


Leave the drywall dry out for 12 hours. Thereafter zashpaklyuyte structure. After it dries walk around the cloth design. That's all, your arch ready.

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