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How to install the application in htc wildfire


Smartphone HTC Wildfire</a>

HTC Wildfile - smartphone on the Android platform is quite old version - 2.1.

Installation of applications in it is carried out through a Google virtual store - the "Play Store".



Make sure that the phone is connected to the Internet byUnlimited tariff and is in the home network. Be sure to set the correct time and especially the date. Without this, you can not enter the virtual store, and the error message does not indicate why it happened. Find the Play Store in the list of apps. If it has not been updated to the new version (this may be if the device has recently been formatted), the program can be called Google Play or even Android Market. After the upgrade, it will receive its modern name.


If the smartphone is not tied to any of theYou will be prompted to do so. You can use your existing Gmail account by entering a username and password from it. You can also create a new one both from the computer (via the web interface of Gmail) and from the smartphone itself. In the second case, you will be asked to fill in the text fields with different data (name, nickname, password, etc.) on several screens. Entering data on one screen, proceed to the next one by clicking the "Next" button. After creating an account, you can start using the "Market".


Once you're signed in to the Play Store, you'll see whichApplications users install most often, which of them are selected by the editorial office as the most high-quality, interesting, etc. A search bar appears at the top of the screen. Click on it - the keyboard will appear. Type the name of the desired application, and a list of programs that match the search criteria will be loaded. Choose among them the desired one. If it's free, the "Install" button will appear. Click on it, and you will see a list of permissions that the application requires.


Discard the installation if the program requiresPermissions that are clearly not appropriate for its purpose, for example, sending SMS, dialing numbers for any program, access to the camera, a microphone for an application that is clearly not intended for audio recording, photographing, or video shooting. But if the application only needs access to the Internet, and it shows banners, you can not install it, it's likely that a global network needs it to download banners.


The first of the installed applications should beantivirus. Only after it you can put others. Anti-virus can be a lightweight free, but definitely well-known brand. It must be kept constantly running, updated on time (or turn on automatic updating, disconnecting it only for the period of being in roaming), periodically perform full checks. You can not keep more than one antivirus on your device.


When installing a paid application instead of a button"Install" will be a button with its price. After clicking on it, you will be asked to choose a payment method. If you select a bank card, you will have to enter its data. Make sure that it belongs to you personally. Enter the map data from the standard Android keyboard, and not an alternative one.


It is safe to use one-timeVirtual cards with a limited spending limit. You can get them in some payment terminals. Such a card is a check printed out by the terminal. Some operators also allow you to pay for applications in the "Market" from the SIM card account.

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