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How to install applications in the htc wildfire

HTC Wildfire Smartphone

HTC Wildfile - Android smartphone platform quite old version - 2.1.

Installing applications in it through Google's online store - «Play Store".



Make sure that your phone is connected to the Internet atflat rate and is located in the home network. Be sure to correctly set the time and date especially. Without this, the entrance to the virtual store is not possible, and the report does not indicate an error, why it occurred. Find a list of applications in the store «Play Store". If he has not yet been updated to the new version (this could be when the machine has recently formatted), the program may be called Google Play or Android Market. After the upgrade, it will receive its modern name.


If your smartphone is not tied to any of theaccounts into Google, you will be asked to make such a reference. You can use an existing Gmail account by entering a user name and password on it. You can also create a new one from your computer (using the Gmail web interface), and from the smartphone. In the second case, you will be asked to fill in the text fields with different data (name, username, password, etc.) on multiple screens. After entering the data on a single screen, go to the next by pressing the "Next" button. After you create to use "market" can start an account.


Upon entering the «Play Store" you will see whatapplications users install most of which are selected as the editorship of the highest quality, interesting, etc. At the top of the screen, the search string is displayed. Click on it - the keyboard will appear. Type the name of the desired application, and download a program list that meet the search criteria. Select the desired among them. If it is free, will be the "Install" button. Click on it and you'll see a list of permissions that the application requires.


Discard the settings if the program requirespermits, obviously not relevant to its purpose, such as sending SMS, a set of numbers - for any program, access to the camera, microphone to the application, is clearly not designed to record, photograph, video. But if the application only requires access to the Internet, and it shows banners, set it can not be afraid - most likely, the global network it to download banners and need.


The first application to be installedantivirus. Only you can put after the other. Anti-Virus can be facilitated and free of charge, but not necessarily well-known brand. It must be kept constantly running, time to update (or enable automatic updates, disabling it only for the period of roaming), periodically conduct a full inspection. Do not keep the device more than one anti-virus.


When you install a paid application, instead of buttons"Install" button will be its price. After clicking on it you will be prompted to select a payment method. If you choose a bank card, you will have to enter its data. Make sure that it belongs to you personally. Entering the card data is carried out from the regular Android keyboard, rather than the alternative.


It is safest to use disposablevirtual cards with a limited spending limit. You can get them in some payment terminals. This card is a receipt that is printed by the terminal. Some operators also allow to pay for the application in the "Store" with SIM-card account.

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