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How to install anti-cheat at COP

How to install anti-cheat at COP

Each game server needs a reliable anti-cheat protection. It must necessarily exist on private servers.

Fraudsters do not need anyone. They can ruin the reputation of the server and prevent the game honest players.

Anticheat enable lock appropriate programs.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Counter Strike Game Server.



Follow this link http://cs-simf.com/files/anticheat/sXeInjectedSetup.8.5.exeTo download and install Anti cheat-The program for CS server. Go to the folder on the server Addons, there create a folder named Sxei, continue to go into it and create Dlls folder, then drag the file called Sxei_Mm.Dll folder with the name of the folder you created in Server.


Go to the Addons / Metamod folder, rightPlugins.ini-click the file, select "Open with" select "Notepad" program. Next, add the following line in the opened file: sXe Injected, but on the next line write win32 addons / sxei / dlls /, further sxei_mm.dll enter a file name for the installation Anti cheatand at COP server.


Check availability Anti cheatand, for this purpose, start the server, then callconsole and type meta list command. If the screen appears AMX RUN -. Amx_mm.dll v2006, or inscription sXe Injected RUN, and after it sxei_mm.dll v5, the installation was Anti cheat-Programs to the CS server was successful. Open the file with notepad sxei.ini to add to your message after the kick player from server using cheats.


Make the server setting for this openthe server.cfg, enter the following settings there: Ip in the field, enter the server address to which clients connect via the Internet, you can also use domain names. In sxei_internal_ip field, enter the address of the local server to which you are connecting clients on the LAN. This field is necessary. Here the use of the domain name is available, too.


Next, select the field or sxei_required 01. If set to 0, the selected player will be presented with a message, but it remains on the server, and when set to 1, the player will be ejected from the server. Next, fill sxei_srv_upg field, enter a value of 0 if you do not want to automatically update the server, or 1 if necessary.

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