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How to install anti-cheat on the cop


How to install anti-cheat on the cop</a>

Each game server needs reliable anti-cheat protection. It must exist on private servers.

Scammers do not need anyone. They can spoil the reputation of the server and prevent the game of honest players.

Anti-invitations enable the blocking of corresponding programs.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - server of the game Counter Strike.



Follow this link http://cs-simf.com/files/anticheat/sXeInjectedSetup.8.5.exeTo download and install Anti cheat-program for the CS server. Go to the folder on the Addons server, create a folder named Sxei, then go into it and create a Dlls folder, then move the file called Sxei_Mm.Dll from the folder named Server to the created folder.


Go to the Addons / Metamod folder, right-clickClick the Plugins.ini file, select "Open with", select the Notepad program. Then add the following line to the opened file: sXe Injected, and on the next line write win32 addons / sxei / dlls /, then enter the file name sxei_mm.dll for installation Anti cheatBut to the server of the CS.


Check operation Anti cheatA, to do this, start the server, then callConsole and type the command meta list. If on the screen appeared the inscription AMX RUN - amx_mm.dll v2006, or the inscription sXe Injected RUN, and after it sxei_mm.dll v5., Then the installation Anti cheat-programs on the CS server was successful. Open the sxei.ini file with Notepad to add the message text after the player's kick from the server when using cheats.


Configure the server by opening theServer.cfg, enter the following settings there: in the Ip field enter the address of the server to which clients are connected from the Internet, also you can use domain names. In the sxei_internal_ip field, enter the address of the local server to which clients are connected over the local network. This field is filled in if necessary. Domain names are also available here.


Next, select the value of the sxei_required field 0 or1. When the value 0 is selected, the player will be shown a message, but he will remain on the server, and if you select 1, the player will be thrown from the server. Next, fill in the sxei_srv_upg field, enter a value of 0 if you do not want to update the server automatically, or 1 if necessary.

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