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How to install an electrical outlet

How to install an electrical outlet

To install an electrical outlet, not necessarily use the services of a professional electrician.

It is quite possible to do it yourself.

It is enough: to be able to use the tools to choose the right wire and observe basic safety rules.

You will need

  • - Power socket-
  • - podrozetnik-
  • - the wire-
  • - drel-
  • - LBM (bolgarka-
  • - exten-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - Insulating tape / Terminals
  • - Protective equipment.



Select a location for the outlet. Take a tape measure and measure from the floor right away. Make a pencil mark on the wall. Measure the same distance from the junction box to the place of the proposed installation, and you will know how many meters of wire you will need.


Buy electronics store in the electricalsocket, suitable for your needs, and flush (mounting frame). There you purchase the right amount of wire marks VVG or PVA, cross-section 2x2 mm or more.


Turn off the electricity to the room whereYou are going to work. To connect the power, use an extension cord, stretched from the adjacent room. Extension must comply with safety regulations (wire insulation without damage, according to the power of the tool used).


Take the drill. Insert the drill chuck a special tip (crown) for drilling holes for sockets and switches. Use nozzle, which corresponds to the type of your wall, diameter 65-68 mm.


Turn drill into the socket and carefully drill a hole in the wall. Wear protective equipment (goggles, dust mask, gloves). Turn off and remove the drill, it is you no longer need.


Proshtrabite groove under the wire, byjunction box to the hole you drilled. For this purpose, suitable "Bulgarian" with a disk of stone. If you do not have it, do it the old fashioned way, using a hammer and chisel.


Insert podrozetnik in the resulting hole and fasten it there.


Open the junction box. Connect your wire by twisting (insulated duct tape) or via the terminal clamps. One vein - phase and one - zero (determined by the tester). Close the junction box.


Take the socket and remove the screws, remove itcover. Remove the screws that will keep the wire. Insert the pre-stripped wire ends to contact the socket and tighten the screws. Keep the mounting foot by loosening the screws. Insert rosette Escutcheon in and fix it, alternately tightening the mounting screws. The legs diverge, and socket exactly into place.


Restore the supply of electricity to the premises andcheck the socket on the performance. If everything is OK, turn off the electricity and seal the groove with a wire. To do this, fit an ordinary construction gypsum (plaster). It dries quickly, which means you'll soon be able to use your electrical outlet installed.

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