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How to install a wireless network

How to install a wireless network

With the prevalence of laptops, the era of network cabling become gradually come to an end.

Now many people can not imagine life without such banal things as wi-fi.

Create such a network is not very difficult, and options galore.

You will need

  • 1 computer
  • 1 wifi adapter
  • Minimum 1 laptop



Creating a wireless network, we show an examplewifi-adapter Asus PCI-G31. Work is easy and pleasant to him, and the setting will take no more than ten minutes. Install the adapter into an available PCI-card slot in your computer, and turn on the last. Then the situation will develop in different ways for operating Windows XP + Vista and Windows 7.



Windows XP. Everything is simple. After installing the software, run the program that is displayed in the system tray. Select Config, and then click the Soft AP tab. Put a point near the point Soft AP_mode. If you want users to have wireless access to the Internet, then the Internet box, select the desired net. Now go to the Config item? Access Control, and one by one enter the MAC-address of the network adapters that you require laptops. Note: MAC-address so recognizable: win + r? cmd? ipconfig / all.

Asus Wireless Utility


Unfortunately, adequate operating software for windows7 is not yet written. But out of this situation there is an exit because Ralink wifi-cards are based on the same chip as the Asus. Download and install Ralink Wireless Utility. Note: When using Windows 7, the installation of the original software is required? only the driver needed. Right-click on the icon in the system tray and select Switch to Soft AP mode. Run the program and go to the AP tab. Here you can change the name of your access point (SSID) and password (Key Material). As usual, if you plan to distribute Internet to other devices, the properties of your connection to the Internet, allow access to the wireless network using this adapter. Customize have nothing else, because Access to the network is provided with password input.

Ralink Wireless Utility

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