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How to install a swing in the country

How to install a swing in the country

Swing made with their own hands, can completely transform the appearance of country and garden plot.

They can be a place to relax, leisurely reading and reflection.

And children can perfectly convert swing in cheerful amusement.

For independent manufacturing swing takes patience, dexterity, available materials, tools, and, of course, capable hands.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - karandash-
  • - Wooden spreader
  • - Metal ugolki-
  • - fanera-
  • - antiseptik-
  • - Fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws) -
  • - shurupovert-
  • - nozhovka-
  • - Metal or synthetic tros-
  • - Dense material for the tent.



Begin production of swings with a sketch. Made from hand drawing will create an image of the structure, provide all the details and determine the size of the components. Indicate on the sketch the sequence of certain operations to process flowsheet acquired perfection.


Determine the location for the swing. It is desirable to establish a structure close to the premises, in a place protected from the wind and the scorching rays of the sun. Make sure that there is sufficient space around the swings. Clear the selected site, leveled the ground. The assembly is more convenient right on the spot where the swing will be installed.


Pick up the pieces of wood required length. The cross-section, there should be 50x100 mm or even more. When choosing inspect the timber to discard the blank with defects. The deformation of fibers or knots make timber unsuitable for the swing.


Do yourself or order two metal brackets quadrangular section. At the ends contemplate eyelets or hanging kryuki- with them to the bar will be attached rope.


Assemble the bearing part of the structure. Start with the bottom frame, which attach to the vertical bars. Assume the installation of the future size of seats. The optimal length of 150-170 cm and depth -. At least 50 cm lower frame make wider seats about 40-50 cm, it will ensure sustainability.


Deal with the lower frame rails antisepticcomposition. This is especially important if you plan to install a swing in the open field, and not on the basis of a concrete or tiled. Such protection is to prevent the rapid decay of the wood. It is advisable to treat with antiseptic and all other wooden parts.


Attach the vertical frame beams, pillars,using metal brackets and screws. As a result, you get two large triangles. These connect the tops of the horizontal bar (bar), securely attach bolts and nuts.


Make a seat of two wooden frames,collected from the smaller bars. One frame is required for the seat, and the second - for the back. To the frame with screws fasten plywood sheet to between the backrest and the seat was an angle greater than 90 degrees. Connection frames at right angles will be uncomfortable for travelers.


Metal bracket fix on the topcrossbeam. Through hole thread the rope or metal chain. Measure the length of the cable so that the person sitting on a swing toes could reach the earth's surface. Now finally tighten the seat.


Complete ready to swing the awning, if desired,pulling on the frame of the bars of a thick cloth, and attaching the structure to the top of the swing. Now you can check your own creation in action and indulge in a holiday.

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