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How to install a shower stall

How to install a shower stall

Showers today is no longer a luxury, but just one of the common attributes of the bathroom facilities.

They are quickly gaining popularity among domestic consumers.

This is due to the numerous advantages of these structures.

A multifunctional device that combinesa varied, sometimes unexpected option, enables you to enjoy water treatments. But it is necessary to understand here that the more complex the shower stall, the harder it will be to collect, connect and mount. Many of these tasks are turning to professionals. However, this structure can be connected independently.


Before you start the assembly, it is desirable to become familiar with the instructions in the model. Assembling the need to engage in a spacious room. Be sure to draw the connection diagram with notes, you understand.

The main components of the shower tray are considered, as well as doors with guides. It is also usually equipped with cabin roof, and some have a shower panel design.

Installation of the shower, which has a minimum grade, is quite simple. It is attached to the angular walls of the bathroom facilities, which are both walls of the structure.
Fits cabinet using anchors,elements are fastened to the cabin wall. Details are collected together by means of bolts and screws. In the process of "rough assembly" do not need to use a sealing agent and tighten the screws and bolts to the end.
In addition, some of the design units may require pre-assembly, such as water supply pipes to the shower unit.


pallet legs are regulated to the desired heightat the place of installation. The next step will be the connection to the drain pan valve to the sewer system. At this point, should produce a hydraulic pressure test, in other words, to pour several buckets in the pan. If there are any problems to fix them immediately.
After that, the ladder is attached, and the tray is ready to use - you can remove all unnecessary.

The upper dome and sidewalls collected separately from the pallet.

The test installation will make it possible to understand all the nuances of the instructions. When everything is ready, you need to wait some time to frozen sealant - after this cabin is ready for use.

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