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How to install a shower cubicle


How to install a shower cubicle</a>

Shower cabins are no longer a luxury, but just one of the common attributes of a bathroom room.

They are quickly gaining popularity among domestic consumers.

This is explained by the numerous advantages of these designs.

A multifunctional device that combinesIn itself a variety, sometimes even unexpected options, allows you to fully enjoy the water procedures. But it is worth while to understand that the more difficult the shower cabin, the harder it will be to assemble, connect and mount. Many people turn to professionals to solve these problems. However, you can connect this design yourself.


Before you begin the assembly, it is advisable to thoroughly study the instructions to the model. Assembly should be done in a spacious room. Be sure to draw a connection plan with notes that you understand.

The main components of the shower cubicle are the pallet, as well as the doors with guides. Also, the cabin usually comes with a roof, and some have a shower panel in the structure.

The installation of the shower enclosure, which has a minimal equipment, is quite simple. It is attached to the corner walls of the bathroom, which at the same time will be the walls of this structure.
The cabin is installed with the help of anchors,The elements of the cabin are fixed to the wall. The parts are assembled together with bolts and self-tapping screws. In the process of "rough assembly" do not need to use sealing means and tighten the screws and bolts to the end.
In addition, some structural units may need to be preassembled, such as the supply of water pipes to the shower unit.


The legs of the pallet are adjusted to the required heightIn the place of installation. The next step is to connect the drain with the pallet valve to the sewer system. At this point, you should make a hydraulic test, in other words, pour a few buckets into the drip tray. In case of any problems, immediately remove them.
After that, the ladder is fixed, and the pallet is ready for use - you can clean all unnecessary.

The upper dome and side walls are collected separately from the pallet.

The trial installation will give an opportunity to understand all the nuances of the instruction. When everything is ready, it is necessary to wait a while to seal the sealant - after that the cab is ready for operation.

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